Thursday 11 November 2010

Political correctness and life seen as a supervised game


The only safe people in a system of political correctness are members of indulged victim groups. They can do what they like, and it is up to the PC masters to make excuses for them, and find the support to enable them to continue. 

But the news is not all good - because as an indulged victim you lack moral responsibility, which means you are in effect treated as a child or an imbecile.

Kindly-treated, no doubt - nonetheless, to be regarded as a species of incompetent can sometimes be a source of... friction?


Exactly because you are not to blame for what you think or do, you are a victim of circumstances - and therefore you are not and never can be a moral exemplar.

You are tolerated - with affection or with irritation - but you are not admired.

Because by merely existing you are regarded as special - therefore anything that you might think or do is automatically invalidated, rendered invisible. 

Your thoughts and behaviours are bracketed, encapsulated - set apart from that progressive moral actuality which is the preserve of the PC intellectual elite.


To be a member of an indulged group is to be a perpetual moral infant - not responsible for ones actions, un-free, a product of uncontrollable impulse and overwhelming environment, an acted-upon object not a determining subject.

You may be flattered by praise - as teachers praise the efforts of a young child: "Whose a clever boy, then!" - but you are not and never can be one of the 'teachers'.


But how can PC intellectuals square this with the demands of the victim groups, and with their own guilty consciences?

By converting ever-more of life into supervised games.

In a contrived context of make-believe (but only in that context) it is possible both to be an indulged victim and at the same time one of the teachers.


So education, public administration, the legal system - all become supervised games; run by PC adults who allocate 'important jobs' to the kids: they make the kids prefects, milk monitors, team captains - and the 'adults' hope that none of the 'kids' will ever notice that don't get to be head master.


Originally, the PC elite covertly recognized that since these supervised games are merely make-believe, the real business of life must go on elsewhere.

The economy,science and technology, serious politics and mainstream major media remained under PC control - at most the victim groups would be used as window dressing, puppets or mouthpieces.

But since the PC elite do not believe in reality, they do not believe in truth, so they lie all the time: lie to themselves, and to each other, as well as to outsiders - and of course they have by now lost sight of what they originally knew: that the system can only carry on if make-believe supervised games are not allowed to interfere with the serious stuff - the vital, frontline social functions: the police, the military, the economy, and science and technology.


The PC elite have entered the realms of psychosis, indeed of dementia - they just assume that the important stuff will happen automatically and without attention, indeed will not just happen but grow despite the imposition of PC priorities as more important than the primary function.

Excuses are no longer tolerated for PC failures: the military might be excused losing wars, the police might fail to control riots, terrorist may slay at will, unemployment and inflation might rise, science and technological breakthroughs might dry-up - and none of this matters so long as all social institutions become ever-more 'diverse' by favouring ever-more victim groups and pursue ever-more more-environmentally-friendly policies.


Science and technology will, it is assumed, continue to provide breakthroughs forever; the economy will continue to expand; the police will maintain public order or (since people will have better attitudes) there will be less need for police; the military will keep us safe or (since we will be such better people) we will not have so many enemies.

The necessary stuff just happens.

But the important stuff is done to us, done for us, by the PC supervisors.


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