Friday 11 March 2011

When 'it' happens, it won't be reported in the mass media


Things begin in one specific place at one specific time - and spread-out from there - things don't happen simultaneously in many places all at once.

(If they seem to, then this is because all these things have a common cause: a cause in one particular place and time).


When 'it' happens, whatever 'it' is - when things turn, or we cross a threshold - it won't be reported in the mass media.

Indeed (if the past is any guide to the future) we probably won't even know about it, until much later (if at all).

And we may not 'know'.


(The birth of Jesus was not exactly front page news across the Roman Empire).


Indeed, 'it' may already have happened - whatever it is.


But the first to know will probably be those who are least orientated to the mass media, or official communications.



The Crow said...

And what can this mean?
Interesting post, and true.
The media is becoming too dire to continue with. Seriously warped.
I have decided to make my own unreported news. Like you have.
Realize it. Do it. Write it. Make it so. The ripples spread out, and nothing can stop them.
Dare to return to being human :)

Anonymous said...

Of course "it" has already happened. I've been alive for 22 years.

Ugh said...

No truer words... Arriving in adult-hood in he early eighties and seeing where the world was heading I once told friends something is going to happen that will utterly change the world. I had no idea what "it" was. Well, it was the Internet, of course. The seeds of the Internet had been sewn 20 years before. So, to Bruce's point the next big thing is probably already here...