Friday 9 December 2011

Blind spots in the Arts


I am very sensitive and discriminating in relation to the literary arts (prose, poetry, drama), and also to music including singing; less sensitive to the visual arts - highly responsive to portraiture and architecture (and landscape); and hardly-at-all responsive to sculpture (Rodin is the one and only sculptor to move me); and I am almost-completely artistically insensitive to 'dance' such as ballet (I might enjoy the music and animal grace and beauty of the dancers - the not the artistry of 'dance' as such).


Some people have a *very* specialized artistic sensistivity: Charles Williams lived for poetry and literature but was completely indifferent to the visual arts and even to landscape; and was 'tone deaf' - in other words found music meaningless, could not sing in tune and was unaware that he could not sing in tune.



dearieme said...

Sculptures? Pack your boots and rucksack, and drive over here. Magnificent.

Bruce Charlton said...




dearieme said...

No, go and look. A sunny, breezy day on the moors and a wee treck - it's all very invigorating.

Kevin Joyce said...



And don't say "Errr... Nothing. Sorry."