Friday 2 December 2011

The limits of theology


If you get Christianity from an authoritative source, it will quite likely be a simple account - a linear narrative, suitable for simple people.

It is your job to understand and accept this.


If you ask a question, then bear in mind that the answer will not be...

1. Simple.

2. Easily comprehensible.

3. Reliable.

4. Complete.


Sometimes theological answers may clarify things, but always at a cost.

Safest to regard problems as a mystery, pending spiritual progress.



Simon said...

Bruce, do you have a simple account of Christianity from an authoritative source? I need one.

Jens said...

You said it would not be:
3. Reliable
You really are taking this Eastern Orthodoxy thing to far. Look into Catholicism more, read up on them, your thinking is getting too skewed by E.Orthodoxy/Seraphim Rose. Again I say look into the Catholic side of the equation, see how they answer these questions. Think about it, if what you say is true, and the church is hopelessly split into two (as in neither can claim to be the true church), then it makes sense to look at BOTH sides of the arguments, or arguments rather. You hav spen much time with the Orthodox, not try the Catholic.
And again, as I said im my last post, I say this as a protestant! The failings of my own church have made me look abroad, and I find the Catholic Church to have many answers worth looking into. I have been seriously tempted to become a Catholic on several occasions, but have not yet made that leap. I'm held back by personal reasons, sadly (not something to do with Catholicism mind you) Part of the reason is where I come from, which is highly non-catholic, and would frown upon such thing, that and there is virtually not Catholic churchs around where I live that I may actually go to worship at. But that is not reason enough to keep me from the Catholic Church if it is indeed THE CHURCH. In the meantime I'll keep on discerning, I suggest you do the same BGC.

As I sad in previous post, forgive my english, if I made any mistakes, its not my native tounge.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Simon - Christianity for modern Pagans by Peter Kreeft, which is essentially Pascal's Pensees with a superb commentary. I am currently slowly re-reading this for the fourth time and it is pure gold.

Or Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jens - I think you misunderstand me! I am an Anglo-Catholic (ie Church of England) by practice, support and sometimes attend an Evangelical (Protestant Anglican) church, intend to become a Roman Catholic if or when an Anglican Ordinariate is established where I live, but nonetheless regard Eastern Orthodoxy as the highest and fullest form of Christianity.

As for spending 'too much time' with the Orthodox - I wish!