Tuesday 6 March 2012

Kristor on the perils of examining, grasping, doubting, fearing


Kristor writing in the comments at Orthosphere - edited by me.

The digital choice we face at every moment is, precisely, the choice between a grateful, happy awareness of the Divine flux in all things, that sanctifies them as it brings them into being – i.e., the state of grace – and a Fall into ..."examining; grasping; doubting; fearing..."

This is a vestibule (one among many) to alienation from God, and thus a Gate of Hell...

Once one begins to doubt and analyze and worry, one has ceased to pray or worship or love – even when the worrying is motivated by worship or love.

That's why a focus on Law or philosophy or system or procedure can be so deadly.

NB: can be, not must be.


Note added:

Kristor's comment reminded me of a passage I read on the same day in C.S Lewis's surprised by joy - this passage can be found at:



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