Tuesday 27 March 2012

Leftist elites: no longer self-serving, now demonically insane


I think it is crucial to recognize that Leftist elites are no longer corruptly self-serving (yes in detail - but not overall); but with the advent and development of political correctness the Left became insane - an insanity of demonic energy and destructiveness (and, as such, consistent with the nihilism at the heart of the Left).

So the Left now sacrifice their own children's lives and well being to their crusades - they cover up injustices and crimes done against them.

Despite supposed 'pacifism' the Left tries to subvert, physically-attacks, lightly-wounds, and makes implacable enemies of nation after nation, culture after culture - until they are now ringed by foes.

The Left invites foes to dwell among them, and erects special legal protections for their foes, so that they cannot defend against these foes.

Yes - the Left is insane, destructively, nihilistically insane - in an advanced form of evil psychosis.



Baduin said...

It is a bit over-hasty to presume that the ideology which rules - without any real opposition - the most advance and intelligent civilisation in history is simply stupid.

There is always the possibility that when the elites say one thing and do another (elites both Left and Right - there is no important difference) - they are not stupid; they are merely economical with the truth. Especially when as the result the power of the elites grows.

For example, the ruling postmodern ideology has been created by Heidegger, who was a Nazi of sorts, in order to destroy America or rather Americanism, not as the country, but as the center of modernity - about which he was very explicit. It is all in the open; however, most people are not interested.

Heidegger mostly agreed with you as to the problems with modernity, but was a bit more proactive. He wanted to destroy it by encouraging its most dangerous excesses (after Hitler failed to destroy it directly).

Why should it surprise anybody that our rulers do what they say they want to do, and it has the results they say they want to achieve?

They openly say they hate lower-class whites, and that lower-class whites do not have any rights. And then people are surprised why their policies are so damaging for the workers, and why they continue to support immigration.

And it is entirely wise and right for them to do so. What other way there is to destroy democracy? And there is no doubt that democracy must be destroyed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Baduin - there is not supposed to be any commenting! - but for some reason there is (this posting was started a few days ago, perhaps).

Anyway, you have totally misunderstood the posting.

Where did I say anything about our civilization being *stupid*?

Psychotic is not stupid - but it is maladaptive; evil is not stupid - evil does what evil does.

(The clue is the word 'demonic'.)

Baduin said...

In that case, I should probably do not comment any more. Since I was unclear, however, I would like to correct my earlier post.

I wanted to say that postmodernism isn't stupid, not that Western civilisation isn't stupid.

The modern Leftism is very much adaptative - they are winning all battles, after all.

It is psychotic and demonic - that is right.

But those who think Leftism is maladaptive are mistaken about its goals.

Leftism has various levels of initiation. At the top, in postmodern philosophy, its most important and open goal is the destruction of the Western civilisation - which they consider to be the root of all evil.

Their actions are quite consistent with this goal.

Bruce Charlton said...

I don't mind finishing the comments on this post!

Maybe we are failing to distinguish whether we are talking about the people or the ideology?

I was wanting to say that 'postmodern' philosophy (I assume you mean the same by this as political correctness) is no longer advantageous (on average) for the individuals who espouse it.

What you seem to be saying is that the ideology is consistent - I agree, it is consistent in its destructive nihilism; which includes destroying itself and that which sustains it. How much damage it does to soeciety depends on whether it destroys itself faster than it destroy everything else - and on how quickly something else steps in to take-over.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Baduin - what I am saying is that the way of thinking about it you describe in the earlier part of the last comment maybe used to be ture, but is not true anymore. Things have taken a different turn.

The ruling Atheist Leftist elites are now in the grip of demonic delusions - and are throwing their futures, their own children's lives health happiness and well-being, their parents, their treasured cultures and comforts, world peace and themselves - 'under buses' left right and centre.

To the accompaniment, no doubt, of demonic laughter from the powers behind it all.

But it is long overdue to drop the idea that it is all part of some self interested master plan on the part of the elites. They are working to somebody else's master plan.

These people have, our culture has, invited evil and shut out Good. Evil is the negation of Good, the destruction of Good.