Thursday 15 March 2012

Saving the environment by destroying the environment


The the lying, evil vacuosity of the concept of eco/ green or sustainable architecture can be seen by internet image searches on those phrases.

Just look at the results! There are several examples at my work. Walking past them is a visceral assault on human sensibility; like a punch to the solar plexus.

How about this 'award winning' example of grandiose pseudo-sustainability?

Front elevation:

And rear view:

What a scam!

Soul-destroyingly hideous, expensive to build, energetically wasteful and inefficient, almost unbearable to work in...

This sort of building is - in a small but significant way, in terms of the process of building it and its lasting effect on the environment - actively harmful, a perceptible force for evil in the world.

Especially when people are made to violate their natural instincts by pronouncing it beautiful and wholesome.



The Crow said...

I was excited at first: pictures, on BC's-M. Wow! That's new. But then I took a closer look...

It's a human-factory: humans, for the mass extermination of. Lovely, like Auschwitz was lovely. The future, without the tiresome business of waiting for it to arrive.
What can you say?
Green, to me, is a tree uncut, a field unused, a shore without amusement arcades.
But who am I to say?

JD said...

Durham Cathedral is a good example of sustainable architecture :)

Modern buildings?
a modern building can induce a sense of unease without the source of that unease being apparent. It could even be said that this is one of the reasons for what is known as “sick building syndrome” where workers take sick leave with unidentifiable illnesses; their offices literally make them ill. Don’t forget that the word disease could also be written dis-ease.

Anonymous said...

Come back, International-Style glass box, all is forgiven...


Unknown said...

Tsk! Most of the buildings are like that. I hope someone or anyone who has the power to put this guys behind bars they should do it now. It's a definite crime in the environment and the people. I hope they implement ISO 14001 in this kind of buildings.