Thursday 16 August 2012

Mormon Fertility blog


I have created a blog to archive the three studies of British Mormon Fertility I have done with supervised undergraduate students over the past three years.

The main purpose of these studies was:

1. To see whether British Mormon fertility was similar to US patterns (it is, so far as I can tell) - and therefore to determine whether the critical factor is the religion or instead something specifically to do with the circumstances of US Mormons.

(The characteristic fertility pattern seems to be characteristic of Mormons as such, rather than of US Mormons specifically.)

2. To try and understand the factors which affect Mormon fertility - and whether these are religious factors, or some other factor.

(Not yet clear, but results are consistent with the idea that fertility is mostly a consequence of one or more aspects (or in combination) characteristic of Mormon Christianity.)

Two are listed - another to come, plus some reflections on the implications.


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