Saturday 25 August 2012

Scriptural monotheism is necessary to defeat secular Leftism


This seems very obvious to me - although I cannot really think how to prove it; and indeed it is not the kind of thing that can be proved.

It simply seems that no secular materialist perspective provides the social coherence and individual solidity necessary to hold the line on anything.

Whenever I think of any secular materialist perspective it is obviously socially destructive.

But what of non-monotheist religions? Types of paganism? Religions without a deity? Non-scriptural monotheisms such as The God of The Philosophers, of the perennial philosophy, or generic spirituality?

They seem too weak, incoherent, subjective, fluid and yielding to beat secular Leftism; and even after secular Leftism self-destructs then they would - I think - give way before any Scriptural monotheism which remained.


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Sylvie D. Rousseau said...

There is a sort of historic negative proof of your assertion, particularly if we focus on what is absolutely central to Scriptural monotheism: the Eucharist, the Lamb of God's sacrifice and Real Presence.

The spreading of atheism, the central characteristic of Leftism, was made possible by the previous apostasy of the Reformation toward the Eucharist (or, at least, Real Presence for those who kept the word) where the Apostolic succession was interrupted. It is obvious, as we read in Apocalypse, that the devil is working to stop the Lamb of God’s sacrifice, by which he will be defeated in the end. Leftism being one of his instruments, Eucharistic Scriptural monotheism is thus the only rampart against Leftist atheism.