Monday 8 July 2013

Evil cannot be destroyed - only sequestered (and that is why Hell is necessary)


Because time is linear and sequential, the reality and consequences of evil are permanent: it happened, it leaves a trace - changes the course of things.

Evil can be healed, but not reversed.

Because free will is real, some have not repented - and some perhaps may never repent.

Thus evil may be permanent - what then to do with it?

How can there be Heaven - how the New Jerusalem - when evil remains?

Evil must be sequestered - and that is what Hell is for: to sequester the unrepentant.

Hell is to sequester the evil, until they repent - or if they do not ever repent, if that is how they choose: then to sequester them for eternity.


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Adam G. said...

*Evil can be healed, but not reversed.*

Otherwise there would be no free will.

Free will requires that choices be meaningful, i.e., that they have real effects.

If evil could be entirely reversed, there would be no free will. Our choices wouldn't matter.