Friday 26 July 2013

Latter-day Leftism - a rabble of squabbling orcs


The success of the (post-sixties) New Left is a relabelling of the failure of the Old Left.

This is the Leftism of the End Times - on the side of Satan in making the best of (i.e. getting the most out-of) the collapse of society which Leftist strategic policies and Leftist tactical looting are hastening.


The major triumph of the modern Left, in these Latter-Days, has not been to implement a particular program of economic, political and social goals; but instead (merely) to subvert the goals and Goods of existing society, and relabel the consequences as 'what we meant all along'.

Thus New Left multiculturalism has replaced the Old Left intention and plan to implement a socialist culture.


The success of the New Left is therefore not been in effecting its desires (because what the New Left supposedly 'wants' changes from year to year, flips over and back again) but in persuading the masses that they always wanted whatever chaos ensues from Leftist destruction.


The New Left has reduced the population of the West to a rabble of squabbling orcs.

And, of course, nothing difficult can ever be achieved when implemented by a rabble of squabbling orcs.

Hence the Left have completely given-up on trying to achieve anything; and instead simply wreck stuff in the name of liberation - and leave the orcs to fight over the spoils.



JP said...

"How shall any tower withstand such numbers and such reckless hate?" -- Theoden

The Crow said...

Hahaha :)
Beautifully descriptive!
A rabble of squabbling orcs!