Tuesday 23 July 2013

Population is currently being limited by self-suppressed fertility, consequent upon a program of mass demoralization


We must acknowledge the price to pay for letting families decide their fertility is that children will die. Because not all families can be, or will be, prudent.

The consequences can be delayed, but only at the cost of exacerbating the problem - saving children now is sacrificing manyfold more children later (and the later, the more).


The modern population problem is that Westernization reaches everywhere, and its first effect (as it was in the West itself) is to reduce child mortality, and destabilize the balance of population and production.

(To simplify) Africa used to be a place of low population density and plenty to eat (African almost certainly had more to eat per capita than Europeans through the past hundred of years) and it was not until the 1960s (the Biafran war) that African became known as a place of endemic starvation. Until then it had been a place of high death rates from disease, and plenty to eat for those who did not die.

The population growth in the third world is therefore a consequence of interaction with the West - especially Western medicine, public health and aid. For a while the problem can be and was covered up by massive transfers of wealth from the West - but these exacerbate the underlying imbalance ^.


The situation resulting is taken as a justification for totalitarianism and a program of semi-deliberate mass demoralization by the government.

Since self-suppression of fertility is a 'natural' consequence of gross psychopathology among many mammals, governments (ruling elites) gravitate towards inducing and maintaining gross psychopathology in their populations.


Governments, the mass media, education systems, law... all have combined to live-out the role of cruel farmers who deliberately manage their animals to create a state of extreme chronic stress, such that the creatures will biologically shut-down their vital instincts.

So people will 'voluntarily' stop having babies - 'voluntarily' in a similar sense that people with chronic schizophrenia 'voluntarily' eschew fertility.


Fertility reduces and reduces, because people are made so confused and miserable because stressed so powerfully and unrelentingly that they self-suppress the very basic and immensely powerful need for family.


The primary underlying method for inducing such a state is atheism in public discourse;

and the proximate strategy for inducing sexual suppression is the sexual revolution (this is made possible by atheism in public discourse - elite de facto atheism must precede the sexual revolution).

In the modern sexual arena, over the long run, anything is permissible, indeed encouraged - so long as it leads to voluntary sterility.


The resulting state of bewildered chaos inside the heads of modern Man in relation to sex is the main strategic mechanism of population control.


Yet, because this process is covert and dishonest and denied (and because people are not utterly corrupted, and probably never could be) there is the residual compassion for actually-existing children - which is indulged monomaniacally and without moral prudence, and channeled in such a way that inevitable outcomes are amplified because they are delayed; and problems because numbingly large, and a kind of dazed, transfixed catatonia is the outcome - that characteristic state of mind of the compassionate modern ruling elite.


^Note: Twenty years ago I spoke with a publichealth worker about the usual fate of African aid for famine - he said that the limited food aid was used to feed children, consequently the adults died, and then the children died because they had nobody to care for them or raise food. If the famine lifted before all the children died, the survivors were dependent on aid for many years.  


Hizzle said...

"Yet, because this process is covert and dishonest and denied..."

I honestly don't think the process is consciously being pursued by the elite, though I agree with your assessment and think it is being pursued in a subconscious way.

Bruce Charlton said...

I think it is consciously pursued although in an inverted way - policies which result in self-hating slow-suicide are tolerated - while by contrast marriage, the family and traditional sexual morality are under unrelenting attack, both directly and indirectly, by art and propaganda and entertainment and education, 24/7.

When adverse consequences are warned, pointed out or measured; these are denied and ignored.

Revealed preferences therefore show that this situation of bewildered chaos and fertility-suppressing stress is exactly what the elite want.

Adam G. said...

Concern for overpopulation mostly followed the sexual revolution. My guess is that you have the causal arrow reversed.

Population bomb rhetoric is meant to address the obvious demographic failings of libertine "self-fulfillment."

Bruce Charlton said...

@AG - I am talking here about the chaotic state of people's minds - Western man is so addled and muddled (often by the consequences of the sexual revolution - this is, increasingly, what fills people's minds on a moment-by-moment basis) that he not only cannot think straight, but the same situation causes suppression and inversion of many instinctual behaviors - including those leading to fertility.

Alban said...


I have been reading your blog for a while now and I must say it is priceless reading for me.

This is not really a comment so you don't need to post it. I just want to make sure I understand correctly being English not my first language .

If I correctly read and understand your post, would the so called change of heart by the elites on the same sex marriage and such , be a form suppression and inversion of instinctual behaviors (i am obviosuly quoting your last comment)

MC said...

It seems to me that the left's primary motive for subverting traditional sexual morality is simply to destroy the authority of the family (and of fathers in particular), which is the center of authority that is least easily turned to leftist purposes.

If I'm right about that, then reduction of fertility is just a means to that end.