Wednesday 26 February 2014

Venus and the Crescent Moon


A few weeks ago, I saw the crescent New Moon and Venus in the sky close together at twilight - it was one kind of perfection; this morning I saw Venus and the Old crescent Moon together just before dawn, near the south eastern horizon and amidst the tangled bare trees - another perfection.

Venus as the Even Star displayed the poignancy of daysend, set against the hope of the waxing Moon; while as the blazing lamp of hope that is the Morning Star, she was balanced by the almost-expired waning Moon.

Venus is the loveliest heavenly object and our vision of angelic purity and perfection; the Moon always flawed, sometimes sickly, most often wondrous; always different, never repeating - a metaphor of this mortal life.



fernando said...

Beautiful post

Today, dawn was beautiful. Smelled like Spring. Like the "madeleine de Proust" it makes you both consoled and nostalgic.


Deogolwulf said...

Did you éala to éarendel?

Bruce Charlton said...

@D - Of course...