Thursday 8 May 2014

Advert = Subvert; Advertizing = Subverting


It is worth drawing-attention to the neglected fact that modern advertizing, as a Mass Media phenomenon, is evil in its overall motivation and tendency.

And because of this, whenever there is a lot of advertizing - such that this overall effect becomes apparent, and any exceptions to the overall are neutralized and averaged-away - then the average effect will always and inevitably be subversive of The Good.

I presume that the adversary gets great delight from the way in which Christian and traditionalist messages, perspectives and texts are framed by advertizing whenever they find their way into the mass media - including blogs and other social media - including those media which hope to, purport to, aim to disseminate Christian and traditional messages and perspectives.

God may get to paint the picture, but the devil gets to frame that picture; and when the frame is designed to distract from the picture, to grab and hold attention, and to propagandize against The Good - then, in general, Satan has the best of the deal.