Thursday 1 May 2014

What do men *actually* mean when they say a woman is 'sexy'?


That they would be prepared to have sex with that woman, at least once


1. It did not cost much in time or effort, and

2. If nobody else knew about it, and

3. If there were no strings attached - the man could walk away afterwards with no obligations or commitments.


So, for a woman to be described as 'sexy' isn't really a very high bar to clear, is it?

And it isn't really something a woman should regard as much of a compliment, is it?

And it isn't really something in search of which a woman should go to great lengths of artificially sculpting her body, make-up, diet, exercise, piercing and tattooing, wearing revealing and tight clothing, and - in general - presenting herself as the kind of person who seems likely to fulfil the above three criteria...

Is it?



Bruce B. said...

These days men use the word “hot” which basically means the same thing as “sexy.”

Bruce Charlton said...

@BB - Yes, although sexy is still current; in today's news

You'll note the header picture as a fair example of what I am talking about - a low bar indeed...

Unknown said...

Anyone can be sexy--you just have to highlight primary and secondary sex organs and look like you're in heat. Not everyone can be beautiful, that requires innate physical traits, good hygiene, self-restraint, class, etc. Sexy is the degenerated egalitarian version of beauty.

Bruce Charlton said...

@PW- Maybe... But I don't really think that this issue is rooted in egalitarianism.

Wm Jas said...

So, the logic is: if that's all a reasonably "sexy" woman can expect from a man -- then a woman who wants something more had better make herself super-duper sexy. Hence the great lengths to which women go.