Sunday 14 December 2014

Leftist moral inversion is the ultimate in hypocrisy

Leftists are quick (and dishonest) to accuse Christians of hypocrisy when they fail to live-up-to their own high standards.

But this is not (usually) hypocrisy - just the nature of 'aiming. Furthermore, Christianity is essentially not about living a sinless or perfect life - which is explicitly declared to be impossible for earthly mortals - but instead about repenting for our failure to live by ultimate standards.


Accurately, a Christian hypocrite would be one who explicitly claimed personally not to sin, when in fact he did: it is a form of dishonesty - a false claim to high moral status.

But Christian hypocrisy palls into insignificance compared with the standard, routine, modern, mainstream secular Leftist hypocrisy: which is to sin, and then change morality so that that sin is redefined as good.


This is completely normal for the pioneers and prophets of secularism and Leftism - especially in relation to sex.

The spokesmen of the radical Left, from Rousseau through HG Wells, (Bertrand) Russell and Russell (Brand)  - and what a catastrophic and complete decline in quality of famous progressive personnel the final name in that list represents! - the most influential and celebrated Leftist leadership have consistently engineered  official morality around their personal weakness and wickedness.


So, if a Leftist wants to have sex outside marriage, practise assembly-line promiscuity, or get divorced, or take drugs, live as a sponger and parasite, practice professional hatred, seduce by dishonest manipulations... then their 'moral' code is simply re-engineered to say that actually all of these things (and anything else they happen to want to do) are actually good...


Sin is defined as 'the new good', and if this angers, offends and disgusts anybody then that is good too - because (by definition) these people deserve it - being hypocrites.

In mainstream secular Leftism, [fill-in-the--blanks-with-whatever-I-personally-fancy] is first excused, then propagandised as not just self-indulgence; but actually worthy of celebration and lavish reward because on the side of equality, freedom, excitement, tolerance, spontaneity, fun, diversity - and against religion, tradition, hierarchy, patriarchy, marriage and families.


So the mandatory pretence is now that sin is actually good (properly understood); and good is actually the very worst evil; and consequently the new moral exemplars are actively and openly selfish, hate-filled and hate-propagating, behaviourally-incontinent, lying, cowardly sub-mediocrities (mediocrity is actively preferred, because any form of excellence is - to a real but limited extent- good).

This is hypocrisy on steroids, hypocrisy in a massive stadium with light show and surround-sound - hypocrisy with the backing of the government, the law, the mass media, the education system - deep state-hypocrisy enforced by the tax office, the snooper and the mob - hypocrisy with a megaphone and a truncheon - hypocrisy at the end of a gun - hypocrisy with spies and drones and bombs.

Old-style Christian hypocrisy had nothing on this.


Note added: Secular Leftist hypocrisy by moral inversion is the hypocrisy of great power - because only great power can change the rules, and re-define its own sins as virtues, and can force or persuade society to conform to these new ethics.

Secular Leftist hypocrisy is also self-destroying, a species of nihilism - which, paradoxically, provides its motivating  pseudo-altruistic basis. 

Thoughtful secular Leftists recognize that rigorous implementation of their programme will sooner or later destroy themselves and everything they regard as good - but they interpret this fact as evidence of their own disinterestedness: evidence that they are not - therefore - ultimately selfish.

This, then, is the consequence of rejecting God: an ethic of total destruction re-interpreted as an ethic of impartial altruism!



Bruce Charlton said...

VALKEA says: I would clarify that this way:

Conservative hypocrisy is better than liberal hypocrisy.

"When conservatives are hypocritical they proclaim good morality, but they dont follow that morality. (...)

"When liberals are hypocritical, they are tetrapartitely evil. They try to hoist many bad things to other peoples shoulders. Then they claim that these bad things are supremely good things, despite what the peoples eyes see, minds know and hearts feel. Then they do their utmost to insulate themselves from the bad things, they dont want their own medicine / or (and they want this total freedom to choose for themselves, and themselves only) if they want to indulge in perversities, vices, immorality, illegality etc., they want to do it lustfully, with the explicit or implicit moral backing of the media, with the silent and secret backing of the liberal circles and without any compunctions. If they would be honest about these things it would make things worse for them, because it would raise a big scandal about their evil hypocritical actions.


"Conservative moral failing is rarer, liberal moral failing is the norm among them."

Thordaddy said...

Dr. Charlton...

To the intellectually coherent liberationist, "hypocrisy" cannot be a charge laid at the feet of those who reject all impositions on one's autonomy. A true liberationist MUST REJECT "hypocrisy" as though "it" did not exist. But with a fundamentally indiscriminate "nature," a liberationist is able to see "hypocrisy" in those that believe in its existence.

So I think it's false to say liberal "hypocrisy" is worse than Christian hypocrisy. There is no liberal "hypocrisy." That is "us" taking what "we" believe exists and applying it to those are completely Indifferent to the charge. Amongst real liberationists, there is only "righteous" self-annihilation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TD - Well I am not expecting Leftists to agree to my analysis - since there is no coherent Leftist morality.

I am pointing out what is true from a perspective of common-sense, spontaneous morality (or 'natural law') - that there are two ways of being hypocritical:

1. dishonestly to deny that you practice a sin; or

2. dishonestly to deny that the sin which you practice is a sin.

Of these, the second is far worse than the first; since it subverts morality per se.