Wednesday 10 December 2014

"No one is more merciless than a Goliath who thinks he’s a David"

A perfect explanation for the hysterical, un-proportionate and unrestrained,  aggression of the modern, politically correct Left.

The author of this definitive bon mot is 'MC' - one of the bloggers at Junior Ganymede; and it comes in the course of a posting concerning recent mass media-driven agitprop/ subversion within the CJCLDS:



Bruce said...

I think this is a brilliant description of the Left. I plan to use it.

Imnobody said...

Looks like a perfect summary of Rene Girard's depiction of the Left

Titus Didius Tacitus said...

""No one is more merciless than a Goliath who thinks he’s a David""

That's true in many ways.

One of the ways is that "the left" is defined by the strongest group within it. (The dogmas change from time to time, and ideas on correct tactics and proper manners change also, and these changes reflect the attitudes of the most influential collectives.)

They have this merciless "Goliath who thinks he's a David" attitude always.

They have it in defining leftism. They have it in hectoring a waiter and threatening him with a huge lawsuit. ("Someone has to stand up for the little guy: the customer! Me! Even if I'm not poor, or lacking in connections -- as you'll find out if I get one more contrary word out of you.") This is their attitude.

They have it also in saying what's right and not right in somebody else's religion.

And everybody who calls on their power takes up the same song. They join the chorus of victimcrats.