Tuesday 25 August 2015

The necessity for inner strength, direction, motivation: the commensurate growth in power

In our era, because of the near-ubiquity of corruption, there is need for inner strength, inner direction, inner motivation.

Our society has been, is increasingly, and to an unprecedented extent - led astray by its leadership class, by the elites - we are almost-continuously and en masse - at work and during leisure - being propagandized, instructed, compelled to have wrong attitudes, false beliefs, and do the wrong things.

Whereas in the past individuals may be sustained in their convictions by churches; nowadays the largest and most powerful churches are preaching and teaching the same corruption as the mass media, politics, state bureaucracy, the laws and the educational system.

Luckily, thanks to our divine inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God, we have an inbuilt motivation and guidance system - it can potentially, over time and with some trial and error; discern the truth, can point us in the right direction and provide the necessary energy and courage.

The good news is that God-within-us can be recognized and accessed and strengthened; the bad news is that most people don't believe it exists and so will ignore it.

But if they do start noticing and feeling, then the guidance and motivation may swiftly grow to become so strong and clear that it will provide exactly what is most necessary.

The badness and wrongness of the times makes life very straightforward for our inner guidance system - mainstream modernity has become so obviously dishonest, ugly, wicked and incoherent that it is almost trivially easy to discern the Good. The prevailing mood has become so alienated, nihilistic and despairing that the deep joy which comes from following God-within stands out in the sharpest possible contrast.

Thus our powers grow, commensurate with our need.


Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

Excellent writing and article prof Charlton, inspiring and provides me with comfort thanks, Adam spiritualwarrior

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

This whole world, all the bad things I read about, allowing for disinformation...but im sure loads is still true, too many people and witnesses are saying things, in a range of spheres.
My point is ive come to the comclusion there really is Spiritual War going on. Such evil around must mean, Pure Good exists too. And in dark moments I resist fear and despair.
I think theres some huge, invisible pervasive powerful counterbalancing force, presence, of Good around in this world. Otherwise the bad people would have their way in a matter of weeks.
Im speaking on all levels, things seem to operate on many levels. For example, maybe within our own govts and other power structures, aware, awake, counterbalancing Good exists, doing its best to fight this evil. White hats perhaps.
It raises the question in my mind how far back does all this go, this battle, these cat and mouse games? One doesn't have to look too hard to see evil secret societies exist and are infiltrated everywhere trying to steer our world. Therefore maybe theres positive secret socieities too.
I have positive energy and hope, and a feeling and sense, we all have power inside us, I think in this time of Awakening, we will all be ok, things will be ok