Monday 31 August 2015

We need a Western Christian Revival and a Western Christian Revival is the thing we need

Plenty of secular people on the Right can diagnose the ills of our civilization, that is - The West, but can offer nothing constructive as a response.

Of course Leftism does not work either, but then Leftism is not intended to work - it is intended to destroy: and that is something which Leftism does extremely efficiently.

It is much harder to make than to destroy, and the secular Right wants to make a more effective and efficient state - but humans just aren't set-up to care enough about that goal to make it the basis of a political movement.

My mantra is that the modern problem is motivation-deficiency - and it really ought not to surprise anyone that we are in this situation; considering how much effort has been and is being expended on destroying all the natural motivating instincts, and subverting and dismantling all the traditional motivations.

Effective and robust motivations are not something that can be manufactured and implanted - they must be built on solid foundations. No large scale society has ever held-together for long (more than a couple of generations) without a religion - and not just any religion, because only certain types of religion are effective.

Since religions cannot be manufactured and implemented any more than can motivation, then our choice and task is simple: we must choose a religion from those already in existence - and if we do not, then we will certainly perish from falling-apart.

(Of course if we do choose a religion we may perish anyway, for different reasons - and we will have to live with the religion we choose.)

Since there are only two existing and known-to-be-viable religions to choose from, and Christianity is by far the best suited to our situation in The West - then that is the obvious choice.


1. It is a fact that mainstream Christianity has been very thoroughly corrupted and weakened at the highest levels and throughout by secular Leftism.

2. That corruption and weakness is something which makes the task much harder and success much less likely.

However, accepting those Buts:

3. Although corruption and weakness in Christianity are real and relevant; they do not change the nature of the task.

The task remains the same. We still need a Western Christian revival, and only a Christian revival will give us what we need.

And this remains true however unlikely we judge the chance of success.

It is like sending the One Ring into Mordor to be destroyed in the Cracks of Doom - it was a plan with very little chance of success, but it was the only plan that could achieve the objectives - so that was what had to be done.

We must try to do what must be done; and doing anything else is not just a waste of time but actually reduces the chance of succeeding at what must be done.

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