Tuesday 2 February 2016

Rainbow clouds today

From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3428242/Devastatingly-beautiful-Rare-rainbow-clouds-seen-painting-skies-UK-despite-splendour-formations-cause-holes-ozone-layer.html

This morning from about eight o'clock and for more than half an hour in Newcastle upon Tyne (and other parts of the region), we had the most extraordinary skies I have ever seen - I stood and watched in amazement and wonder at the changing display. The colours were such as I have never seen in nature before - and yet of course they were natural. It really looked as if something tremendous, apocalyptic, was about to happen. But, of course, the tremendous thing was actually already happening - right there in front of me. 


Anonymous said...

Here's a great website about clouds- https://cloudappreciationsociety.org/

David said...

Yes I noticed that too. The effect was like the diffraction of light that occurs when oil meets water. I'm quite certain I saw exactly where a rainbow ends in some nearby woods this evening. I think I might take a torch and see if I can find the elusive pot of Gold or the Leprechaun that guards it before sunrise. I wonder if he too is burdened with the difficulties of determining the accuracy of his metaphysical beliefs and whether he believes in humans or other 'mythical' creatures. His friends mock him for his outlandish beliefs in a divine order and in the weird and wonderful speculations about 'mugglekind' but, he still can't shake that stalwart conviction that they are real despite what everyone else says. All the other Leprechauns think he's a deluded dreamer and tell him "Rainbows don't come from anywhere! They just are! Now guard your pot of Gold and don't ask why you are doing it!"

I think we'd have a lot to talk about. And then I'd steal his gold and leg it back to England.

Lovely pictures indeed.

Clear Waters said...

Great stuff. Post-Anathema has really given me an appreciation of the aesthetic and these pictures are beautiful. Praise God for sights such as these.