Tuesday 16 February 2016

Where is the evil, where is the good?

Well we know where the evil is - up at the top, the very top; and almost everywhere near it, and spreading down and out. But where is the good?

Sorry, I can't locate it - but then maybe that is to be expected (if it could be located, it wouldn't be allowed to exist).

But if the good cannot be located, then how do I know it is there at all? The answer is that it must be - because things are nothing like as bad as they would be if evil was unopposed - if evil had a free rein.

OK - so we are faced with a situation of invisible goo; but then how does it communicate? We know that all the channels we know of are blocked against it. But maybe good communicates in code? It goes via the mass media etc - but encrypted, so the mass media cannot recognize it but the other good can.

However, on the whole, I think the situation is that the good is invisible, and its channels of communication are also invisible. It does no go via the senses but appears in the mind asif from nowhere (provenance unknown): it appears in The Imagination.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes, which is why I think a voyage into the mystical is the way forward. It seems right to learn it and then teach it to those who question the nihilism of now, and want more.

This may not seem like a mass Christian revival, but think how Christianity spread in the years after Christ. It was by a few men who worked long and hard to spreaad the message.