Tuesday 1 March 2016

Induced loneliness and the snaring of Good by empathy

It is dismaying to see so many basically decent people who are drawn into the net of evil and corruption woven by the demon-possessed ruling elites such that they cannot discern evil even when it is standing in front of them and haranguing them with anti-moral tirades based on an increasingly obvious loathing for the people they are supposed to be representing and leading.

The process of corruption is long and incremental - and often begins with loneliness. Modern life creates loneliness, disaffection, alienation; and the way out from this state (so nearly intolerable for social beings such as ourselves) is to join in with the fake empathy demands of the mass media; join in with the (more-or-less) sexualized, intoxication-focused and mutually exploitative events that go by the name of 'social life'; just, basically, Join In.

I presume that this is why the elites are so keen that as many as possible vulnerable and impressionable 18 year olds should be torn away from their friends and families and planted somewhere (anywhere!) else among people who they do not know and who care nothing for them, in spiritually barren colleges where their only escape is into meaningless mass media, superficial social interaction, sexual adventures, intoxication events, and self-righteous moral grandstanding --- the only alternative being to sit in your room, a cafe, a library for hours... alone and silent.

Here and now, pretty much all high volume, widely-available social interactions are thoroughly permenated by mass media attitudes, which are secular and leftist attitudes; any group of 'friends' casually interacting, or interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever (and - so far as I can see - everyone is doing this all of the time, unless physically prevented) will be participating in a festival of shallow secular evil - will be thought-policing each other for crimespeak, will be demanding and eliciting 'appropriate' attitudes and responses to an agenda supplied and hourly updated by the mass media.

The only way out from this is solitude and silence, and the only way that solitude and silence are tolerable (let alone rewarding) is in a loving and nurturing context - which is, pretty much, restricted to the family context (i.e. embedded in the context of sociality and responsibilities which is - or should be - family life).

Of course families are themselves infected by the same anti-spiritual culture, including the culture of busyness - of over-planning, of always doing something (or feeling guilty about not doing something) - but at any rate, the family makes this basic life stance possible in a way that the public world simply disallows - there is the possibility of genuine human contact: soul to soul.

In the public world you can have solitude and silence, but at the cost of paralysing despair --- Or you can 'join-in' with the agenda of always inane and ever-more-frequently evil chit chat, opinionating, endorsing, mocking, cheering and ritually-condemning that is 'modern life'.  

Nobody is going to solve this for us, because everybody is the problem. 'Society' won't reform because they don't want to 'reform'; they don't perceive anything wrong that coudn't be fixed by more-of-the-same; and anyway they personally are not the worst, so 'don't judge/ blame me'?

Once you have made the diagnosis, only you can implement (or work towards) a solution.

Being reasonable, friendly, agreeable, empathic... these are enemies of Life in this world. Sad but true. If you don't like it for yourself, get on with changing it for yourself - as best you can.

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Nathaniel said...

"Of course families are themselves infected by the same anti-spiritual culture, including the culture of busyness - of over-planning, of always doing something (or feeling guilty about not doing something)"

I'm definitely a victim of this! I often feel bad if I don't have activities planned for my children.

Regarding your last paragraph - it's clear enough that most Christians have come a-long-way from those of old, who were willing to face persecutions and even martyrdom for clearly calling people to repent their sins. At first I misconstrued you as saying don't-be-polite with sinners, but you must clearly mean not being accepting or permissive of sin itself. I think this must be a purposeful delusion that's promoted, because of the constant propaganda of equating a sin and its actor as having the same identity.