Thursday 17 March 2016

Reconceptualizing biology - request for help with proof-reading

I have substantially revised, re-shaped and expanded my paper on the metaphysics of biology - and it is nearly ready for archiving on The Winnower.

I would be very grateful for any assistance in picking-up typos, wrong spellings, errors in punctuation etc. before I submit the final version tomorrow.

(I have already spotted one, in the Abstract).


Anonymous said...

Interesting essay - having read through it, it seems compatible with what Agassiz and Darwin and Wallace might be saying if they were still around, and it is definitely compatible with what the field biologists I personally know (if field biologist is the correct term for experts on local birds, local lepidoptera, and canine thoughts) might say. Personally, I believe that every - not most, and not just the ones who are cute and important, but every - creature is eternal, if for no other reason that there are more angels than we can imagine who have almost infinite time to sympathize, here on time-bound earth, and to communicate with and remember and recall to life every creature that we, in our limited way, think of as infinitesimally unimportant. Also, there is that beautiful verse in the Bible about God and the sparrows. And there have been an awful lot of sparrows in Biblical and post-Biblical times! - Stephen C

Bruce Charlton said...

My thanks to Stephen C, Olof and Karl for proof-reading and suggestions - it was much appreciated and helped improve clarity - especially of the Abstract.