Sunday 6 March 2016

Practical metaphysics - taking sides

What is most needed is a new metaphysics, and metaphysics are the basic assumptions through which we perceive reality; therefore metaphysics is not something chosen on the basis of evidence (it is nonsense to treat metaphysics as if there were competing systems, and trying to prove - perhaps by scientific or historical or sociological data - that one of these systems is the true, the correct, superior.

But although immune to proof and independent of evidence, metaphysics is not the ultimate personal reality; we our-selves lie behind metaphysics.

Therefore metaphysics is a choice - or, at least in principle subject to choice.

'Enlightenment' is to know that metaphysics is a choice, and to make that choice with deliberation 

Metaphysics is a choice, but not an arbitrary choice (unless we choose to regard it as arbitrary) - because once the point is reached that we are aware of metaphysics as a choice, and know this for a fact, then we are in a position to make that choice on the basis of our fundamental discernment of reality - the truth about things.

Once that point is reached, then one can go no further. For example, Satan reached that point and made a choice based upon his fundamental discernment of reality - and there is now no arguing with him on the basis of evidence, or anything more superficial than metaphysics itself.

And if the self is convinced of the metaphysics, having made the decision with knowledge and deliberately then what more can be said?

At that point we must take sides.

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