Monday 4 April 2016

Lessons of the current mass migration into The West

1. Continuation of the current type of mass immigration into Western nations will certainly and rapidly destroy Western civilization.

2. This is so clear and so obvious that we must assume that everybody knows it for a solid fact. To quibble, debate, or ask for 'evidence' is merely acquiescence to distraction from reality.

3. Mass immigration is the consequence of spiritual despair and self-hatred among Western populations and especially their elite leadership.

4. Given the nihilistic nature of mainstream modern secular ideology, spiritual despair and self-hatred is a rational response - indeed, it is the only rational response.

5. Therefore, The West cannot and will not be prevented from destroying itelf - whether by mass immigration, sub-fertility or by some other means - while it holds to the modern secular ideology.

6. Therefore, the West will destroy itself, because (at a profound spiritual level) The West believes it ought to be destroyed; unless (before this happens) the West experiences a mass spiritual awakening of sufficient power and suitable nature to cure its deadly despair.


Geir said...

You are correct. It is only a question of time. It can fill me with despair. It is Der Untergang in slow motion. I am wondering continuously how Europe can be awaken. There are millions who don't want it this way, but the elite of Europe don't care. Eastern Europe though seems to have waken up.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Geir - The millions who in theory don't want it this way, are in practice paralysed by demotivation, distraction and existential guilt - so their opinion is feeble, labile and compromised by lack of any deeper life purpose; therefore it is ineffectual and insignificant (as can easily be seen).

JP said...

Given that modern secular ideology is perfectly optimized to undermine and destroy Christianity, how can the necessary mass spiritual awakening occur? It would take a miracle on the order of "direct intervention of God and His Angels"...

Seeker said...

We believe everything is ‘random’ and lacking all meaning. There is a collective lack of will, and we recognise ourselves as the rubbish we have become. We want another culture to destroy us because we know that we deserve it. The fact that the other culture is harsher and is not afraid of wielding a sword, that it is intolerant of dissent, and rates justice higher than mercy is appealing to the soft-bellied Westerner, who rolls lazily over to bare his collective guts longing for the sword wielder to plunge his sword in up to the hilt.

At last, an end to this misery.


Bruce Charlton said...

@JP "how can the necessary mass spiritual awakening occur?"

This blog is, mostly, an attempt by many essays (trials) to answer that question.

It does seem *extremely* unlikely that a mass spiritual awakening will occur, but until it is absolutely and for certain impossible, I will continue to hope and strive.

The 'miracle' idea is one possibility - in other words, there are powerful and purposive forces for good at work everywhere that are imperceptible to our senses, and unrecorded by public discourse. Because of this unseen fact, we cannot really know what is likely to happen.

After all, for Christians, all the heavy lifting has already been done for us by Jesus Christ - and we (en masse) merely need to accept his gift.

Andrew said...

Hopefully these terminal signs are enough for people to wake-up and find things unsatisfying enough to convert. Sort of like a death-bed repentance and conversion...

I do feel sorrow at the apparent death of the West, but we must keep in mind that our God is alive and indeed the civilization and tradition is good insofar as it strives to and reflects God, and can exist even among a very small group of people (a monastery, a few bloggers?).

There's a strong desire to flee, or crawl into a Hobbit hole, but I suppose we should try and bear the cross as best we can. Surely relief will come at the end, and to be ever hopeful of that blessed isle.

360 Decrees said...

America has absorbed Irish, Scots, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians, Poles, Russians, Czechs, Ashkenazim, Italians, Armenians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, even some small earlier waves of Syrians and Lebanese, not to mention refugees from Vietnam and Iran. (Elected officials with Indian surnames are turning up, surprisingly enough in the southern states.)

While unchecked mass immigration would serve us poorly what with our population now at over three hundred million and no land left to homestead, I would like to think that we haven't yet met our match, that there isn't a people that could not be transformed into Americans within a generation or two, three if especially stubborn.

But now there is cyberspace. The modern immigrant may keep himself immersed in influences that would formerly have been better left behind in the "old country".

Don said...

There is another option. Christianity has come back from terrible oppression. Christianity is the heart of the West. Spain was conquered and has comeback. Perhaps this is while horrible now will set the stage for a later revival. A reconquista that will renew the church and the West's devotion.

Bruce Charlton said...

@360 - You are pushing at the boundaries of word meanings - I am talking to what is happening now, the current phenomenon - and I am talking from the UK in particular.

But 'immigration' is (like education) a weasel word, a loaded word - including the false built-in assumption that humans are interchangeable units.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Don - Yes, that may happen. The collapse of the world economy and the deaths from starvation, disease and violence of some billions would very likely lead to a religious revival - and in some places that might be Christian. God grant us courage. Certainly we in The West have grossly abused the benefits of prosperity - this was common knowledge (although nothing was done about it) in the 1960s and 70s but now The West seems not even to recognize its own trivial time-killing hedonism - rather its anger is directed at the remaining obstacles to even greater hedonism.

AnteB said...

I also believe that Westerners are demotivated, distracted and perhaps despairing because of a lack of faith. There is one problem that bothers me though.

If a lack of faith is the root of most our present problems, how do we explain that most Christians, many of them sincere, actively or passively support the politics that destroy the West?

I have met many Christians for whom there are no acceptable limits in how we may "help the stranger". In fact, they are more nihilistic than many cold-hearted, rationalist types because they don´t care about what happens to our civilization at all. If all society breaks down, we have still done what God wants us to do so its okay. It´s an almost gnostic tendency because an abstract value (helping the stranger) overides all concerns for our actual, concrete society. I´ve been accused of being an inferior Christian because I believe that other concerns are important and that our civilization has an value in itself.

Would a true spiritual revival change the perspective even among Christians?

Bruce Charlton said...

@AnteB - Well, it depends on what they actually believe. They are usually factually mistaken - presumably due to uncritically absorbing secular ideas and lies - or due to mushy, wishful thinking, unrealism, short-termism etc.

On the other hand, attitudes to immigration is NOT one of the litmus test issues for Christians in the sense that some of the sexual revolution issues ARE.

A person *can* favour unrestricted mass immigration and all of its consequences (including negative) and also be a real Christian. After all, this is a worldly matter.

On the other other hand, the mass majority of self-styled Christians (and non- Christians) who say (again and again, in public, from the pulpit etc) that controlling, restricting, selectivity in, or a prohibition of immigration is unChristian are Just Plain Wrong. And indeed sinfully wrong.

Don said...

This is a deeply disturbed world. We are moving somewhere in the next few months where there is no internet, no cell reception. It is the family homestead. The best times we have as individuals and a family are there.

Other than work, conversation is one of the big past times. Holidays are extra magical for the children. It gives me hope going there.

Don said...

I believe much of this is a judgement for our straying from the path of morality. We have certainly earned one in regard to abortion, sexual immorality and faithlessness.