Wednesday 5 April 2017

Exit Polls are nonsense/ of unknown validity

We know for sure that pre-voting polling in elections is significantly inaccurate as a measure of actual voting.

(Almost certainly because polling is even-more-corrupt than the electoral process – a case of ‘ntot even trying’ to be accurate - but also from the intrinsic defect that what people say is not the same as what people do or have-done.)

So why should I believe post-voting exit polls?

After all, they are just another poll…

Exit polls are not how people actually voted, but how a non-representative selection of people, sampled by biased organisations of proven incompetence, (supposedly) said they voted.

Even worse, while the predictive validity pre-election polls can be tested against election results (bearing in mind that elections are corrupt) - exit polls are untested and unvalidated against anything objective... Their potential for wrongness is unbounded. 

Speaking personally,  I don’t believe the ‘exit’ polls - why should I? They are merely a type of Public Relations, mass media fodder; and consequently their supposed-findings are exploited according to the usual mass media imperatives and motivations.