Sunday 2 April 2017

In a world where nothing is more important than feelings - nothing is more important than feelings

Many people seem mystified by the hyper-sensitivity of modern life - the snowflakes, requiring safe spaces and trigger-warnings; the professional vctims who live to take offence and be apologised-to and get awarded reparations, the institutionalised 'sensitivity' and the rest of it.

But this is precisely what is expected from a world where the metaphysical baseline is that nothing is really real and all truths are relative - a world where all mainstream politics is utilitarian, hence justified in terms of the minimisation of suffering (i.e. a feeling).

If nothing is more important than feelings - then there can be no reason good enough to justify causing suffering.

In a world where 'education' is not honest, not-even trying to be honest - nor is it trying to be Good (because the definition of Good varies year by year, and is currently pretty much the opposite of what it was fifty years ago) -- then the prime imperative is to avoid hurting feelings... at least among those 'victim' groups whose feelings especially ought-not be hurt.

When there is no truth, no virtue and no Good; then clearly there is no excuse for hurt feelings when claimed by even a single person who is defined in terms of his or her victim group status.

And since there is no objective measure of the reality or severity of hurt feelings, the resulting situation of imputed feelings will be bureaucratically-defined, monitored and manipulated in-line with what is the intrinsic bureaucratic motivation (i.e. total bureaucracy - totalitarian thought-control).

No surprises here. When you reject metaphysical reality, in order to reject religion, in order to justify the particular freedoms you desire - and when this happens en masse - it will destroy the ability to perceive and acknowledge reality; and you will get totalitarianism, whether you actively want it or not.

The choice is ours.

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