Tuesday 25 April 2017

From 21 April - somebody did something to this blog...

From 21 April, the traffic for this blog has suddenly and without precedent plummeted - halved from over 3000 to about 1500 daily views; and also the Google daily search listings for my name have halved.

(Indeed this trend of - deliberately - declining sensitivity for Google searches has been going on for more than a year.)

I've no idea what happened - but somebody, somewhere apparently doesn't like me - or people like me - or blogs... and some kind of new block or delisting or whatever is now/ was put in place.

Not surprising, nor unexpected; and anything which reduces Mass Media impact in this way is overall a trend to be valued -

But I thought this should be noted; and that a new (and probably self-destructive - hooray!) phase of strategically anti-Christian Leftism via escalated web control is probably, recently, underway.

Note: My personal hunch is that the reduction is due to fewer people viewing the old, archived blog posts - rather than a reduction in viewers of new posts, the numbers for which seem pretty much unchanged. Perhaps a new search engine algorithm has down-rated blog posts?


Al. said...

Maybe this has something to do with it: https://blog.google/products/search/our-latest-quality-improvements-search/


Bruce Charlton said...

@Al. Certainly seems plausible...