Wednesday 27 June 2018

What are the prospects of Albion Awakening in face of continued mass immigration? - From William Wildblood

Excerpted and edited from William Wildblood, writing at the Albion Awakening blog

It seems a valid question to ask if Albion can awaken when a large percentage of its population today has no racial, genetic, blood, cultural (call it what you like) relation to Albion. How can people who have no inner links to this country, yet have made their lives here, respond to the idea of Albion? 


We cannot really define Albion but we can say that it is linked to the soul of the country and intuited through its landscape, its history, its poetry, legends and myths. It is intangible but, in a way, more real to those who sense it than the solid three-dimensional world. 

The British population has been largely unchanged for hundreds of years and during that time has created a kind of group soul, as any other long-term concentration of peoples will have done. When that group soul is disrupted people tend to lose their identity, and that makes it harder for them to connect to the inner worlds unless they have a strong sense of religion which performs a similar function. 

When England is no longer England, what becomes of Albion? 


Albion is not dependent on England, but England can become closer to or further away from its spiritual counterpart, and right now it is the latter of the two that is the case. 

A country has a soul, focused in, I believe, a guardian angel existing in higher worlds. Awakening to Albion means becoming responsive to the spiritual influence of this angel. 

This is not something that replaces general spiritual awakening but, if seen in that light, can add to it and lend it a particular quality. But it could also, if responded to wrongly, descend into nationalism.


This means that the phrase 'Albion Awakening' can be understood in two senses. One, a spiritual awakening which is not broadly different in one country to another. It is a recognition that life is spiritual, that God is real and that we have a purpose to fulfil in this world. We have spiritual duties and responsibilities. This, of course, is the prime need of the moment.

But there is a second sense, and it is more specific. It has to do with the British discovering that they have a spiritual legacy and a spiritual destiny connected to the inner qualities of their country, its soul side. 
The two ways the phrase can be understood are linked but they are not the same. The first may or may not be affected by the mass immigration of the last couple of decades. The second probably will be - though it remains to be seen whether it will be completely thwarted.


I believe that it was the destiny of the English people to lead the world into a new spiritual understanding. Not their destiny alone but they were to be among the leaders of this higher understanding together with their American cousins. 

Things have not turned out as hoped. There has been a concerted spiritual attack on these two nations both from outside and from within their borders. Secondary truths have been presented as primary and primary ones subverted. Everywhere quantity is prioritised over quality, and at the moment there seems to be little that can be done to correct that. 

But evil often overplays its hand and it is possible that it is doing that now. 

The great cause for optimism at the present time is that it was clearly foretold by Jesus. The time of mass apostasy was predicted; but so was the final victory for those who kept faith. 

This is all we need to know to understand that, despite appearances, real truth and goodness will eventually triumph. It is much better to have held fast in difficult times then when that would have been the easy thing to do.

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