Friday 1 June 2018

Why aren't things much worse - or are they?

It is often said that 'things aren't as bad as all that'. And the point may be accurate, if 'things' are described in materialist terms.

Materially, in The West, there is unprecedented comfort, convenience, prosperity, diversions and pleasures...

So, in that sense things aren't that bad... It all depends on what is regarded as important. And if materialism is important - if it is the only thing, then overall, things aren't bad. Maybe things are, in fact, the best they've ever been, and getting better...

But when we apply a different measure of importance, a different scale of evaluation; things are very bad indeed. For instance, biologically; Modern Man is so damaged that he suffers reproductive suppression; and fails even to replace himself i conditions of material prosperity.

Spiritually, we live in a wasteland - where it is normal, indeed mandatory at senior levels, to profess and live as if there was no meaning or purpose to Life - except the material.

Morally, we live in a Bizarro World of inversion; where sexuality, marriage, family, tribe, national are all mocked, vilified, subverted and given negative evaluations - and the system propagandises and enforces an upside-down ethical system (including dishonestly denying about the fact that this is what it is doing).

So things are either okay; or so bad that they are off the charts - depending entirely on your scale of evaluation... As usual, it is the prior assumption that determines everything else.

So, what do we assume is important - more than that: what is real?


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Chiu ChunLing said...

If we look at it from a Materialist point of view, there can be no meaning to the qualities of "good" or "bad" in the first place because neither of them has physical, material, existence.