Thursday 16 July 2020

The lesson of 2020: nobody will rescue you

So many people are awaiting rescue. They hope and hope that a political party, or a leader, or a church, or a spiritual revival... will arise to save them.

Among Christians, people hope that their particular church will be cleansed of its dominant corruption (because they are all essentially corrupt now, at leadership level - as witnessed by support for their own indefinite lockdown and external control); or that there will be a new movement of highly spiritual, brave and motivated Christians that people can join.

The lesson of 2020 is that None of these will happen; no-body and no group will arise to rescue us from the lying totalitarian and insane evil that grows more dominant daily - with solid support from world and national governments, corporations, the mass media, law, schools and colleges, the police and military.

Brexit was an example. Most English people solidly want Brexit and have done so for decades; but four years after a much-delayed vote; nobody - no party, no person - will lead Britain out from the European Union.

Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world, he was supposedly going to rescue Us from Them; but under his watch we have experienced the universal triumph of The Antichristian Left; an accomplished global totalitarian takeover; and ongoing international race-war escalation, with incremental cultural erasure.

These are the facts - whatever the explanation it is clear that nobody will save us; there will be no rescue. 

This is the nature of our situation. All people and institutions with power, influence, status, wealth - are corrupt and overall they are on the side of evil.

All Of Them.

Therefore none of them, and no selection-from them (like a new government) will rescue us.

2020 teaches us that any who claim that help will come from outside are wrong.

The lesson we are supposed to learn from 2020 is simple: that each person must cease to look to 'other people' for rescue and leadership; and must take individual, personal, freely-chosen and conscious responsibility for his own primary beliefs and assumptions.

The mainstream modern world is obviously a cult of mass damnation. If we go-along-with the mainstream, if we assimilate any of the prime assumptions of their ideology, then we are on the side of Satan. We now know that all the institutions have joined-with the forces of darkness.

If we try to vote our way out-of-trouble, we are on the side of Satan.

In general terms; if we choose to place ultimate authority in the hands of some other person, some institution, some church - we are on the side of Satan, and are embracing our own damnation.

But if we personally want salvation, if we want to follow Jesus Christ to resurrection and Heaven; then it is up to each of us individually to find it.

God our loving Heavenly Father is the creator; and therefore He is able and willing to ensure that every individual in the world always has what is needed for his own salvation; furthermore, the Holy Ghost is always and everywhere present to guide and comfort... 

If damnation is what you want - then fine. It has never been easier. If not; then you have no alternative but to take ultimate responsibility.

This is the lesson of 2020. The future of your soul depends on learning it.


William Wildblood said...

I agree and I actually find it quite a relief. Once we know that essentially the whole public face of the world and all its institutions are corrupt then we are in a certain sense free. Doubt is removed and there is only us and God plus, of course, a few like-minded companions in spirit who also see through the universality of the lies.

What I am trying to say is that though it may still be a hard path to tread the way forward actually becomes completely clear.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Absolutely right - and very important. Thanks for adding the point.

Discernment between Good and evil (the sides of God and Satan) has never been easier, than when All institutions are corrupt.

What a liberation for us! What a simplification of life!

We are are in many ways lucky to be alive at this time.

Anonymous said...

Go straight to Jesus Christ, do not pass go, do not collect £200!


Francis Berger said...

Like William, I find this assessment - one I share - to be a relief rather than a burden. At the same time, I can understand why most continue to search for signs of hope in the external. At one level, a great many Christians regard the System as merely corrupted rather than inherently evil. As such, they tend to believe it is something can be fixed. But at another level, I fear some Christians are looking for signs of the Holy Spirit working within the System - that the manifestation of a certain politician, or referendum, or judicial decision, or whatever - is a sure sign of the Holy Spirit come to make everything 'right and good' again at the collective level. I personally feel this is an erroneous way of thinking about the Holy Spirit and our current circumstances.

Speaking of current circumstances, I think we are in the same sort of situation Central and Eastern Europeans were after the Iron Curtain went up - sealed within a system of deprivation and damnation.

The best we can do at this point is make the best of it, and by that I mean continue to nurture rich inner lives, keep our minds and hearts focused on Truth, and share this inner life with some family members and small groups of trusted others. This offers hope, inspiration, and support. It also builds strength, faith, and character - enough to keep one from falling into damnation, which is exactly where misguided beliefs in external saviors at the collective level at this point in time will lead us.

At the same time, I am not partial to Benedict Options and the establishment of secret systems with the System. This sort of thing may have worked in communist countries in Europe, but we must keep in mind that the majority of the populations of those countries were not ardent supporters of communism - that they were more or less forced into it. I don't think the same applies to our current circumstances, where it appears the majority continues to support the System and all of its mechanisms and openly welcomes the idea of more System in exchange for security, pleasure, etc.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - I agree that the Bendict Option is not a possibility - because it is obvious that The Plan is for everybody everywhere in the world to be with-the-program (enthusiastically!) 24/7 - nobody is exempt. Of course, this is logistically very difficult, and may (I hope) prove impossible (or things may collapse before it can be achieved); but the idea that any group of counter-culturalists will be let alone to do their own thing (especially in The West) is a non-starter. That is exactly what has become impossible over the past half decade.

In addition, all the plausible groups (eg churches) that might have organised such counter-cultures are by now 'converged' and on the wrong side, so their leaders do not even want to become independent and isolated.

Francis Berger said...

I forgot to add that we are actually in more dire circumstances than those trapped within communism in the twentieth century. They at least could take a chance and try to escape to the West. We, on the other hand, really don't have another physical place to which to escape, which the makes the internal all the more important.

Sean G. said...

God allowing this year to transpire as it has is clearly a net positive in terms of salvation of souls that I wonder why it didn't happen sooner. I'm one of those exceptionally thick people that needed a global totalitarian takeover and collapse of churches to fully realize my hope lied only in Christ and not at all in this evil world. I don't think I'm alone.

Andrew said...

If this is true, then there is no point for those Christians who have already done as you say (learned the lesson) to remain on this Earth. We will see individuals begin to be translated to Heaven directly as Enoch and his company was. If this doesn't happen, we must assume either that there are literally no genuinely believing Christians alive or that God still has some outward purpose for His people (already inwardly orientated towards Him) to remain here.

-Andrew E.

Gary said...

@Sean, what has happened is evil, and I think that God only allows evil to happen to the extent men need it, and not a jot more.
Therefore if it didn't happen before it's either because there was a window where we could've learned the lesson without all this or (more likely) we were given "grace time" to prepare ourselves adequately before the big test arrived.
Timing is everything.
At any rate, if it were better for it to have happened before, it would've.

Jacob Gittes said...

"The Plan is for everybody everywhere in the world to be with-the-program (enthusiastically!) 24/7 - nobody is exempt."

How does this work, in practice? How can the System force people to be enthusiastic?
Rural America is already rebelling. I actually found (and joined) a church that ignores the mandated closures. People are planning to grow their own food and divorce themselves.
It will be interesting to see how the System reacts to rural peoples around the world seceding from the evil. I know that it will attempt to coerce the holdouts, but how will this happen practically?

I do not consent.

Ingemar said...

Francis, Bruce,

The only reason the original Benedict Option "worked" was because The System of that time (the Roman Empire) was destroyed. The great monastic, like his Egyptian predecessors, fully embraced the hardship that comes with willful detachment. This seems to be a point that Rod Dreher refuses to see.

Cererean said...


That's a point I haven't seen made before. Benedict was born right at the end of the Roman Empire's collapse, not at the beginning or the middle, and into a society that had been Christianised for a century and a half. Christians today are in a situation far more comparable to the Roman Empire of the second and third centuries - pagan and in the process of collapsing. If we're going to learn from anyone back then, they're probably the ones to look at.

Jonathan C said...

But what about the next phase? Will the way forward still be clear when they start beating, starving, and imprisoning us and our families?

There are probably millions of formerly good Russians and Chinese who are burning in hell right now because they were imprisoned, tortured, forced to sign "confessions" and turn against God. Promised (falsely or not) that they and their families would be restored if they just join Satan's machine.

I think about this obsessively, every day. When they're torturing me and demanding that I reject Jesus forever, I don't think I'll be able to hold out for very many weeks.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake and JC - We should not try to predict details of the future - that's a snare; and the resultant fear is a sin in itself and leads to despair which is worse.

We cannot be compelled to lose our salvation - so long as we want it, we shall have it, as a gift. Don't believe me, consult with the Holy Ghost.

There really is such a thing as trusting in God. Not to 'save the world' or 'the West', or 'civilization; but to save you and me and anyone who wants to be saved.

Don't think about masses and averages; our relation with God (and our destiny) is absolutely personal.

@C - I don't think we can learn much from history. Our basic situation is unprecedented.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JC "I think about this obsessively, every day."

I realise that this is not something you can simply chose not to do; but by recognising it as sinful - and repenting it, the problem is less likely to escalate and dominate than if you felt that by doing this you were doing a good thing, being socially responsible etc.

Hamish said...

It does feel like the cultural and political ‘phoney war’ is now over and a veil has been lifted. Hope in any secular ‘solution’ to the current predicament must be collapsing in anybody with some spiritual sensitivity even if not explicitly Christian. Don’t fret but trust in God, as evil is revealed and the choice becomes clear.

Epimetheus said...

@JC: All the torture seems to be psychological and spiritual nowadays, through the mass media etc. If you turn off radio, TV, and social media, you are exempted. Not sure if there will ever be corkscrews and racks - modern activists simply lack the constitution. Not raised on farms like the communists were. Just look at them, they are pathetic - couldn't run a treadmill, never mind a gulag.

This is a War of the Consciousness.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - I guess you mean thumbscrews rather than corkscrews, although a corkscrew could be equally nasty.

Jonathan C said...

"I realise that this is not something you can simply chose not to do; but by recognising it as sinful - and repenting it, the problem is less likely to escalate and dominate than if you felt that by doing this you were doing a good thing, being socially responsible etc."

Thank you for that, Bruce. That helps.