Wednesday 1 July 2020

Either this world is a completely-unreal Matrix; Or we are headed for mass extinction

This point was very well made by Jacob Gittes in a comment yesterday.

To expand; everything we think we know about 'economics' - specifically, about the production and distribution of the essentials of human life, including the local/ national/ global organisation and coordination ('institutions') that make this possible - everything of this kind suggests that we are being driven into a massive crash and collapse of that which sustains the seven-plus billion people on this planet.

Bearing in mind that the population of the earth before the industrial revolution did not exceed one billion; and only reached two billion in the 1920s... it seems obvious that that which sustains these many extra billions is the product of exactly that system which is being deliberately crashed.

The assertion that The System is indeed being crashed is not a speculation, but is now being explicitly stated as policy by people representing the most powerful organisations on earth. They call it The Great Reset.

Why are They crashing it? They say it is to create a sustainable and just (leftist) future. For present purposes; I leave it to you to decide whether this is the real reason.

But whatever the real reason, They certainly want to collapse the system, and They apparently have the power to do so - therefore presumably the System will collapse.

And if we are correct in believing that the scientific/ technological/ industrial system is what sustains billions of people on this planet; then this must mean that some billions of people will be unsustainable.

In other words, billions will die, quite soon, and as a result of policies that are currently being implemented. 

And if this does Not happen, and at the end of the Great Reset seven-plus billion people are still alive; then it can only be that we are wrong about our basic understanding of how the world works. It can only be that we are living in a wholly-unreal Matrix world, where (for example) people are not really alive, and don't really need food, effective medicine etc.

Now, I don't believe this; I think this world is real and so are the people in it - but I am aware that at least some of the people involved in The Great Reset say they believe we are software constructs living in a computer simulation, and are even prepared to assert it in public. Presumably there are others who believe this but don't say so publicly.

This kind of thinking - or something like it - may be how so many ultra-rich, ultra-powerful, vastly-influential people (who are currently engineering The Great Reset) are able so calmly to contemplate the consequences of their actions. How they apparently believe the Great Reset will be a great benefit to mankind...

Maybe They don't believe that reality is real?

Behind Them (i.e. the Establishment humans), I am sure that there are those who do know what is real, and that mass extinction is being (deniably) engineered by those whom they have bribed, intimidated and duped.

These unseen personages behind the Great Reset are, of course, the demonic powers (immortal spirits that are opposed to God, the Good and Creation); for whom what is on the menu (the covert agenda) is mass global damnation - led-up-to by an enjoyable side-order of human suffering, despair and corruption.


TonguelessYoungMan said...

One of the problems here (and throughout all human history but especially now) is that people conflate the world with human society. Socializing, social stuff, including (but not limited to) sex especially, is all that matters to most people.

Since most no longer believe in Gods judgment (being relativists), and most people can hardly honestly evaluate themselves, all that remains (in their mind) is the judgment of other humans.

I realize my train of thought went a little off-topic there, but I still think this is worth posting.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TYM - True enough, but there used to be a basic understanding that if people stop doing stuff, then stuff will stop being done.

This has been almost obliterated by the fact that so many live in the 'virtuality' of the mass media and bureacracy - where real-reality is so far distant (and sometimes so harshly suppressed) that almost anything can become officially and legally true: like 'sex change' (to give perhaps the most extreme and recent example; but we all know what nasty things happen when someone, no matter how rich and famous, denies that particular virtuality).

So, what is happening Now, and with the Great Reset, would Not have been possible in the past; when common sense and personal experience were still regarded a valid guide to understanding.

It is a weird kind of 'magical' or supernaturalist thinking, yet in a world where magic and supernaturalism are 'known' (i.e. by denied but solid, mostly unconscious, metaphysical-*assumption*) to be false and impossible.

Cererean said...

The question that immediately comes up, then, is this - given that the modern world is so effective at leading people down a path of self-damnation, why crash it, and risk driving billions of starving people to search for God in their final days? Pain is, after all, God's megaphone to a deaf world.

The two answers that seem obvious are these: either they know an Awakening is coming and are trying to forestall it (which is doomed to failure - one does not put themselves against the Almighty and win); or they don't actually know what they are doing, and are instead playing their part in God's ineffable game (so people will choose God who would not have otherwise done so as a result).

I know it's a term used by the QAnon folks, but when it comes to God, we really should Trust The Plan. ;)

Bruce Charlton said...

@"Anonymous" - Can't you see that you invalidate your comment by refusing to own it? Your tone is of one who imagines himself boldly to be stating an unwelcome and surprising truth to another who is self-blinded; but the actual effect is quite other.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Cerean - It's a valid question. To answer it entails having made some assumptions about how easy or difficult it is for Satan et al to induce people to reject Jesus's offer (and also to reject other religious possibilities such as Nirvana or Paradise; assuming, which I do, that these are indeed possibilities).

I agree with CS Lewis in the Screwtape Letters that it is actually difficult to induce most people to choose hell.

I also agree with his Screwtape Proposes a Toast that they System of damnation currently in-place in the developed world is apparently the most effective engine of that the demons have ever devised (and this evil System has been massively 'improved' in the decades since Lewis died); and that there are far more people who consciously prefer hell than ever before.

On this basis, why crash the System? My guess is that it was unsustainable, and doomed to crash soon; and this way They get to control the process. And - if so - tThey have done so very effictively, with lock-down-social-distancing, Project Fear, Project Despair - and more recently Project Violence and Resentment (with officially-managed/ media-supported/ industry endorsed massive mob-destruction and beatings - and the effect these have) is working well.

Jacob Gittes said...

@Cererean: I am new to the spiritual path, in terms of really pursuing it, but I believe it would take most people more than mere days to find God. So the demonic powers probably know this.

@Bruce: I believe that the demonic powers and their minions have computer simulations running to simulate the entire social and cultural world. They probably even have variables or "objects" representing you personally, and me, and everyone else. They have the technology.

This leads me to believe two things are possible:
1) They can keep the system going longer than you or I would think possible if we don't assume they have a giant computer simulation (probably multiple simulations). Why would they want to keep it going as long as possible: to damn as many souls as possible.

2) They can collapse the system at will.

Remember the collapse of 2008 that never collapsed? We thought it was because of a few hundred billion dollars or so of bailouts? Well, this economic situation is far far worse, and there is much less of a crash of the stock market and other aspects of normal life. Interesting, isn't it? If reality were as we thought, we should be in economic devastation territory. I think that their simulations and power over all the world's one system of reserve banks allow them to keep the wheels on the careening truck way longer than most think possible. To the extent that until they crash it, the matrix idea will seem very possible.

I'm personally open to the idea that we live in a partial matrix, and maybe their computer simulations effectively give the power to create a partial reality overlay. Living and having grown up rurally, I also know that reality is real: animals eat, hunt, die, get sick. So do people. But something quite unreal is going on. All we can do is pray and have faith and hope, and reject despair. It's a struggle for me. I can feel the darkness encroaching if I let it.

A said...

Couldn't an independent country opt-out of mass starvation (maybe Russia or something) by just continuing to work & farm? Or maybe China? I know the elites are in love with China, so I'm not sure what sort of special place it holds for their plans - but the news reported they went back to work rather quickly after the initial quarantines rather than stay in "pause mode"?

If the global elites really intended to kill everyone *now* well, there's some actual deadly viruses in a lab somewhere, or nukes, global warfare, etc. unless the parties interested in tearing it all apart (the Demons) for whatever reason can't directly unleash those options (maybe self-interest of the mortal leaders who are planning this just to consolidate power...)

A said...

@Jacob - From what I've read, all mainstream sources - so who knows, 2008 was a close call. No one has written the book about what is happening *now* but my intuition suggests it wont last long. It was a last minute attempt to fake our way out of the Birdemic-collapse with the hope that once businesses started operating again, reality would eventually meet the artificial public prices. This is inline with the originally published - but now absent - propaganda that all-along we only had to pause the economy for 2 weeks and restart to save everyone from imminent death.

No one doing it knows how long it will go on! If they keep buying assets with created money, the collapse might not actually show up in the stock market, but rather noticed on a personal level - job loss, then problems with food shortages, rapidly rising prices, empty grocery shelves, etc.

James Gregor said...

The demonic elites have already forecasted the next pandemic, with the uproar about a new swine flu in the news recently, and that'll surely be the death blow to the global system. Another series of lockdowns can't be endured by the anemic economies of the developed, aging world.

Note that shortly before the swine flu rumblings, The Economist featured that apocalyptic cover, with the first image on the wall from the left being of a pig. I refuse to believe that's a coincidence.

Bruce Charlton said...

Obviously I don't have any insider knowledge of what They are planning, nor even why they do particular things rather than others. And I don't think it is necessary. Once we have identified the demonic presence, and recognise Them as the overall source of mass communications and policy (i.e. that we are being manipulated with evil-motivated lies) - that's all we need to know. We should each get on with the specifics of our own lives.

Jacob Gittes said...

@Mr. Andrew:
Thank you for the response. I am much more open-minded than I used to be, due to my experiences in the past year. I am, however, skeptical of mainstream sources. I am very skeptical that it was a "close call" in 2008.
Most of the financial system could collapse, and the "right" changes or restructuring of the economy could easily keep most people alive, because people just need basic food, shelter and clothing. That must, of course, be actually farmed, processed, and manufactured. The basis of all of it is nature. The processing is done by people and machinery and energy (and the energy comes from the sun or the ground or nuclear, etc.)

I'm sure most people here remember the lesson of how hyperinflation hit Weimar Germany. But then the Nazis somehow miraculously brought the economy back through their policies. And they evidently did. That proves that absolute financial collapse to the point of hyperinflation can be rectified through strong central control.

What can't be rectified is the actual loss of real farming, production and distribution. I believe the system now has the ability to simulate and predict with a high degree of accuracy (at the system level - it doesn't know what Bruce will blog about, for example).

We'll soon find out, but I'm going out on a limb and predicting that it will go on longer than Bruce or many think possible. I'm now so open-minded about the nature of reality that I think it is possible, but not likely, that reality is akin to a matrix, and the system can continue in an almost supernatural manner. We shall see. I'm not saying that out of misplaced hope. I just see too many strange anomalies. But that's another subject. Bless yo all.

Andrew said...

But whatever the real reason, They certainly want to collapse the system, and They apparently have the power to do so - therefore presumably the System will collapse.

I think assumptions will have to be re-examined. They may be able to 'crash the system' but I don't believe They have the power to destroy the world. So it's possible the system can crash but the world, and the people, remain. For instance, if chosen, it would be rather easy to re-capitalize the entire global economy in a matter of weeks following worldwide currency collapse by severing the last few remaining ties between gold bullion and the financial system. Maybe God is setting up this scenario as we speak (moving a critical mass of wealth from the hands of the wicked into the hands of the righteous), which would launch a whole new era of growth and prosperity fueled by innovation/new ideas coming directly from God into the minds of men. I'm reminded of testimonies from Christians who were shown visions of God's angels disabling live nuclear weapons set to launch during the Cold War because God would not allow nuclear destruction. We have free will, but it is heavily conditioned by things/circumstances entirely out of our control.

One advantage to taking a broader view of Scripture is we can gain more insight into what may be happening and what God says He will do. For example, Peter, with John by his side, testifies in Acts Ch. 3 that He will restore all things (through His Church) before the End comes. That obviously hasn't happened yet. I suppose we'll find out soon.

-Andrew E.

Cererean said...


The survival of the people is dependent on how quickly the system collapses. A sudden collapse in food distribution would cause mass starvation, but if it's spread out over a few years, there's time for planting crops and shifting to local food production. It's the same with other critical infrastructures.

I don't believe historical population estimates are a reliable guide for carrying capacity. The population, of both the world and of Britain, has been steadily increasing since the Columbian Exchange and British Agricultural Revolution. We have potatoes now, and not much land is needed to support someone at a bare subsistence level. A 'normal' collapse would lead to a dramatic change in lifestyle, but wouldn't send us back to the medieval period - more likely Modernity Without Industrialism. We'd still have germ theory, and most people wouldn't be farmers. Probably the canal network would come back into use, as the Chinese one did through the various rises and falls and rises of dynasties.

Which would explain why the Princelings of the Air would favour a rapid collapse, if that's what they're after. A breakdown that leaves most people alive but destroys the world system would be a bad outcome from their perspective, since it may lay the groundwork for a spiritual awakening. The death of Britain could be the resurrection of Albion.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss any talk of simulations. After all, the Christian worldview is one that believes in a Power behind Reality. It's a little ironic, though, to see so-called atheists and rationalists being so quick to accept mysticism, if it's couched in science fiction terminology...