Monday 15 February 2021

If you want a picture of the future, imagine Nelson Muntz saying Ha Haa - forever

A brief report by a spokesman for our global leaders

We made your life miserable, and we intend more of the same.

We (so far as possible, so far...) subtracted jobs, travel, shops, visiting and holidays, libraries, museums, galleries, sports, singing, dancing, opera, plays, the countryside, cafes and restaurants, pubs and hotels, schools, colleges, science, health services, meeting friends and family, dating and courting, church, marriage and funerals, human physical contact, human faces...

You know what? This list is boring me. 

Let's just say we have destroyed - as far as we can manage in a short time - all that was real and social and made life worth living beyond mere subsistence, mere survival. 


For the sake of exactly what I just said: survival

Everything we do is justified by your survival.    

And survival is exactly what we offer in return for what we have taken.

No more, no less.  

Not life - but survival.

And when we have succeeded in this; when we have all of you at the level of (mere) survival; miserable and despairing but alive; justified on the basis of mere survival...

Then Surprise Surprise! You know what?

We don't care about your survival At All!

So now you have consented to have your entire live-ing stripped away, just so that you will survive; we will start killing you... 

(Or, as many as we cannot find some temporary use for.) 

You say that we lied? 

Sure we lied! 

What did you expect? 

Did you seriously believe that we care if you live or die? 

Ha Haa! Ha Haa! Ha Haa!...


a_probst said...

So, a lock-down, drag-out.

(I've been saving that pun.)

Bruce Charlton said...

"lock-down, drag-out"

Ha Haa!

Francis Berger said...

This is even more horrifying (and accurate) than Orwell's boot stamping on the human face forever.

Pleasure - or the promise of pleasure - was the only thing most people believed in before the birdemic. For many, it had become the meaning of life itself. I never could have imagined that these "sacred" pleasures would be surrendered as fully, willingly, and easily as they have been surrendered. Yet here we are. Ha haa . . .

Sasha Melnik said...

I dream fairly often, and occasionally the dreams tend to be, bluntly, on the side of current or future events. Often with things I can't have known, or just couldn't know and some time later I read the news and pop, that'd explain what I saw. Two nights ago I had a very good one.

I won't try and recount what I saw. But the intuition is simple to convey - their bizarre plans will fail and only hasten their undoing, as only such unrealistic and negative plans can, being drawn up so far from the front lines. Primarily because what actually exists, what there really is in this world, is so much deeper and more complex than any plan could ever encompass, indeed most of it isn't even material. The material is but a speck of sand.

Mankind will obviously suffer a bit in the short term, most of all those 'lost souls' who try to take the system seriously or implement the dumb changes - but it's just a matter of time until the wheels fall off in a large, obvious, unmistakeable way. Weeks/Months .. not Decades.

Tucanae Services said...


The issue is not that the wheels fall off. Humankind has had societal collapses before.

The issue is are there enough of us capable of picking the wheel up and afixing it to the axle yet again?

I see kids entering my educational institution year after year and every year the student body is less capable than the previous one. Nationwide approximately a third of college entrants require at least two remedial courses; typically in math and English.