Saturday 13 February 2021

Most of the most-talented people are nowadays on the side of evil: We should to be able to acknowledge the fact

There are probably no world-historical geniuses nowadays - for several decades the last have been dying-out; even more minor geniuses are very rare and (mostly) obscure. 

This means that the currently most able people in the world are not geniuses, not primarily creative. 

They are not, that is, making genuinely new things from their divine self, which requires the genius to be aligned with divine creation (at least during the creative process). 

The most able modern people - especially the famous - are thus only secondarily creative; which means they are simulating creation: practicing what I have termed 'openness'-driven creation which is a kind of fake creativity

That is, they invent by extrapolation, interpolation, inversion and novel combinations of already-existing elements; deploying their and intelligence, quick wits and memory, upon the rich (and via computers) readily-accessible histories of past attainment. 

Therefore, the most able and apparently creative modern people are nearly all on the side of evil; simply because evil dominates the world and can ensure that able people who promote their anti-God agenda are placed in the best positions to do so; and that their work is maximally praised and promoted. 

(At the same time, the remnants of real genius are suppressed by both positively-excluding and negatively other-favouring policies.)

We should therefore expect that the most intelligent, talented, able and "creative" people (that we have ever heard-of, i.e. that have fame, power and influence bestowed upon them) are on the side of evil; and that they will therefore (sooner or later, incrementally) be drawn-into expressing and propagating evil ideas, and doing evil deeds.

And, sooner or later, these people will fall out of favour with their evil masters (which happens all the time due to the endemic inter-factional and inter-personal infighting in the nature of the demonic), so their evil deeds will be exposed in the usual hypocritical, fake-moralizing, deliberately-dishonest way of the mass media and the bureaucracies.   

When this happens (and it is happening on a weekly basis) it would not be honest to pretend that these very able and "creative" people are not among the most able and creative - because they nearly-always are. They are both genuinely-accomplished and genuinely-nasty. 

We need to be able to hold in the mind, simultaneously, that a person may be famously-talented and also evil. Because that is not unusual - but common, normal, expected...

I have personally known plenty such people - they really-are talented, and they really-are evil-aligned. 

Some very-talented folk are nice and kind and evil; but others are nasty and cruel and evil - and that is the direction in which the evil-aligned tend to move (albeit disguised by hypocrisy, concealed by habitual dishonesty, and cloaked by The System).

To repeat the point: such people are not, nowadays, geniuses - or, at least, they are not currently geniuses - even if they once were; since genius is destroyed by lies. But they remain very talented.

If, then, I was to argue or proclaim that these were not talented people because they are evil, then I would be lying (or incompetent to judge) - and would myself be falling into sin and compounding the evil. 

Most of the talented are evil even though most of the evil are untalented.  

So, we had better get used to it! 

People whose work we once greatly enjoyed, because it really was very good work; either always-were evil, or have joined the side of evil; and consequently became (bit by bit - or in a sudden collapse) seduced to a lifestyle of evil. 

Such is the nature of this world. 


Jasun said...

well this got my attention; someone pointed me your way because of our mutual interest in Steiner; this post was the first thing I saw & it should have made me laugh (tho it didn't) because it's like you stripped all of the nuance and layers of explicatory argumentation and subtle inference from the thesis of my last book (16 Maps of Hell) & just put it out there, naked and raw!

Dafo said...

This explains a lot of my personal, previously inexplicable observations. Thank you for this analysis.