Monday 25 April 2022

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I have not been blogging for while because of a spell of debilitating illness/ illnesses; from which I seem gradually to be recovering now. I intend to resume posting as and when possible. 


Adam said...

Dear Bruce,

Hope you are back to your normal self soon.

I will offer up a Rosary for you.



Stephen Macdonald said...

Dr. Charlton, I expected this might be the case. I was worried for you when we didn't hear from you for so long. Praying that you're restored to health soon so that you may continue as an instrument of God's will.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Adam - Thanks - I appreciate it.

@SM - Thanks.

In general - please don't feel obliged to comment on this post - it really is what it claims to be, in particular I am not seeking sympathy!