Saturday 16 April 2022

Wrong explanations of bad things that assume error instead of malice

It's a bad sign when so many smart people expend so much time and 'ink' on explanations of - for example - war, economic collapse and monetary inflation - when these explanations are invalidated by their assumption that such things are a mistake rather than deliberate. 

Especially now that Global Establishment strategies (such as Agenda 2030/ The Great Reset/ Build Back Better) have been made public and widely endorsed by political and corporate leaders. We know Their intentions (at least, at some level). 

All such plans entail destroying the economy, currency trade, transport, energy etc - as a preliminary to (supposedly) 'replacing' them with something that the Establishment pretend will be better. 

e.g. The current inflation is (presumably) an absolutely deliberate consequence of 'printing' vast quantities of 'money' during the birdemic - while collapsing the economy etc. 

This is not an 'error' when the people responsible have also said that they intend to confiscate all private property ('own nothing') and replace all money with a 'digital currency' under direct central control.  

This is official international policy - not some kind of unintended consequence of well-meaning/ recklessly-panicked decision-making. 

Now of course not everything that happens is pre-planned and intended; because the demon-serving 'elite' are not all-powerful, nor are they infallible, and they do subvert their own strategies - as is inevitable with evil entities (who hate each other almost as much as they hate the masses).

Also, this self-subversion directly renders them incapable of implementing their plans - for example, The Great Reset cannot happen because the capability of the rulers is being crippled more quickly (e.g. by the birdemic-response, antiracism, climate-excused wrecking and the sex-trans-agenda) than they can create the totalitarian structures with the necessary omni-surveillance technologies.

Uncontrolled destruction will overwhelm any genuine intention to construct a fully-totalitarian world under central command.  

Plus, some of the beliefs current among globalists are sheer wishful-thinking - like the commonly expressed idea that soon people can and will be controlled (rather than threatened, disabled, diseased and killed) by drugs/ gene-engineering/ implanted electronics and other 'transhumanist' methods.   

And - because there is a closed information loop between supposed-interventions and the fake-reality of the media; backed up by an almost-wholly-credulous mass population - the success or failure of policies is mostly just decided and allocated

The Real World that we know by personal observation, experience and common sense is officially regarded as bizarre or evil conspiracy theories, emanating from idiots, terrorists or hostile foreigners; and apparently nearly all the intellectual class and most of 'the lower orders' are willing to believe this (and anything else they are being told today).  

So what matters to nearly-everybody is whatever the System currently insists-upon. 

Yet even this will be subverted by the rampant evil that dominates public discourse - since the mass media will collapse along with everything else ordered - and universal chaos can be the only eventual outcome

In the mean time, for those Christians who recognize the spiritual war; it is clearly necessary to assume evil intent rather than well-meaning error when it comes to the core strategies and policies of the dominant Establishment. 

Unless we operate and live-by such assumptions - we are, indeed, part of the problem; by our provision of plausible-deniability for acts of malice.


lea said...

The reason i stopped watching Lex Fridman a while ago; apart from his obsession with AI and related topics he would keep repeating the mantra that 'evil must be incompetent'. Perhaps he picked up the fear of 'looking into the abyss' affecting himself by default. Extrapolating that unto everyone else is not acceptable.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - I gave up on the link - it just did not want to work...