Friday 18 November 2022

The root ethic of taking sides - to whom or what should we be loyal?

I find that very few people can hold in their minds the scale of lying that is afoot in the world today. It is a fact that the major "Litmus Test" strategies and policies that dominate the world are founded upon lies, and constructed of lies.

And, for a Christian, the evident purpose of this wholesale narrative of lies, is to sustain a system of value-inversion, which - if adopted - will lead Men actively to choose damnation and reject salvation

So why do so many people who describe themselves as Christian, so strongly believe these narratives of evil-motivated lies?

One of the current major Litmus Tests issues is the war between the Fire Nation and The West; a war that has been created and sustained by a narrative of lies from The West. 

This is already World War III - in terms of the totality of conflict, but so far the specifically military aspect has a relatively restricted scope (albeit far bigger than any Europe-adjacent conflict since WWII). 

But major players in the Western-dominated Global Establishment - both in politics and the mass media - are repeatedly using violent provocations supported by gross and systematic lies, in the attempt to escalate and spread the fighting war, and to trigger a nuclear exchange (which would almost certainly and rapidly escalate to full-on). 

By my understanding, this is a very real, continuing, and intermittently acute threat. Those in high places - and there seem to be many of them, perhaps especially in control positions of the mass media - who do everything possible to prepare an irreversible momentum towards global nuclear destruction; have not given-up their attempts, and these attempts grow bolder and shriller, the manipulative lies more reckless and blatant... 

Yet many people continue to believe them; and by believing supporting their agenda. 

So far as I can tell, most people believe official-media lies - either in whole, as an overall framework of understanding; or at least they believe each specific lie initially - only to be abandoned much later, and reluctantly. 

Even when blatant, and blatantly-evil, lies are propagated by the entirety of the Western politicians and media and then exposed as lies the next day; basic trust in the system is not demolished. 

The next set of coordinated evil lies will be believed over and again, month after month and year after year - regardless of how many and how big the previous known lies of the same people. 

What we are dealing with here is a root-ethic of loyalty and obedience; as implicitly the primary value of a person's life. 

When someone is ruled by loyalty; then he will always take his chosen side in any dispute, and will believe his side; until conclusively proven otherwise - and even then he will regard lies as specific rather than evidence of an evil disposition. 

The loyal individual will put the best possible slant on dishonesty; and will explain lies as being well-motivated; or, at least, for-the-best overall, ultimately. 

This seems to be a deep human disposition. 

We all take sides, and the choice of sides then shapes all further discourse

Thus the discernment of sides, and between sides, becomes crucial; and the evaluation of good and evil between sides will define which side we ourselves will take in the spiritual war of this world. 

For the mainstream, secular materialist left; this is easy. Such a person (whatever mainstream 'party' he sides with - because all the mainstream is on the same side in the spiritual war) will overall be on the side of the globalist establishment; and will therefore operate on an assumption of belief in their narrative of lies - whether that be with respect to the Fire Nation war, Climate Emergency/ Green-environmentalism, transagenda and other sexual issues, antiracism, mass immigration, the birdemic-peck - or whatever major Establishment strategy is being pushed. 

(Even when someone dissents from one or two of the major agenda items - so long as he agrees with even one of them, he is recruited a member of team-evil - expanding his participation from this wedge issue.)

Christians are in the same position. As of 2022; a Christian must take sides, and try to discern the side of Good. Even if he believes that he rejects the Globalist-Left agenda - he may still be ensnared by loyalty to his Church. 

In practice, for many Christians, their primary Christian identity entails loyalty to his chosen Church, and an ethic of obedience to that Church. 

And when his chosen Church is itself 'converged' (as evidenced by de facto institutional support of one or more of the Litmus Test policies), that Church is a part-of the global system of evil...

Then the 'Christian' will find himself on the side of evil. 

And this is why So Very Many "Christians" believe So Much of the narratives of lies. 

Since the overall ethic of loyalty/ obedience is dominant in our natures; this means that the institutionally-loyal Christian will be loyal and obedient to the side of evil

This explains how it is that so many Christians reflexly believe the systemic-lies of politicians, the mass media, and the major social institutions (law, science, medicine, police/military, education etc). And when they (typically reluctantly) discover and acknowledge lies; regard the lies as exceptions - or justified by Good Intentions...

In these End Times, and characteristic of them; Christian loyalty and obedience to Churches - to any Church - will lead Christians to self-chosen damnation. It's happening all around us, all the time. 

But if not, then what? 

If not churches, and if we accept that the primary ethic is one of taking sides; then to what should Christians be loyal and obedient? 

The answer to that lies in the individual Christian's power of discernment, and willingness to use that power; to discover the two sides in the spiritual war, and to discover who serves each of the sides - and only to be loyal to those Men and other Beings on the side of Good. 

If the Christian lives in The West; using such discernment, he will discover that all institutions are corrupted substantially and increasingly, and that he should not, therefore, be loyal to any institution; including not loyal to any Church. 

In practice; this means that the Western Christian's primary loyalty and obedience must reach beyond this world and mortal life. 

The answer to "then what?" is as simple as that - the difficult thing is to act upon it; and against centuries of contrary convictions that - until these End Times - served Christians pretty-well. 

But That was Then; This is Now.

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Bruce Charlton said...

JohnB has left a comment:

The birdemic, of course, has proved the ultimate Litmus Test.

Just today I was talking of the great birdemic Tyranny to some person, things were proceeding well until he revealed that he still had, despite what had happened, deep trust in The System.

One thing I do find interesting is that many people who are System-Saturated will indeed instinctively nod in approval when I mention that the MSM is full of liars and manipulators and the same for the politicians; it is like they really want to agree, but in the end fall back on the comfort and familiarity of what they know best - standard, I guess.

Indeed, it is always infuriating to see people pass one Litmus Test after another... and then fall at the final hurdle. A recent experience with such an individual, who loathes the Fire Nation, but seems to think everything else is rotten to the core, was sad but to be expected.

In any case, it is obvious to me that My Loyalty ought to be to My Family, Christ and other System Distancers. It's sure going to be a bumpy ride, but then again, He didn't suffer for nothing.

As always, a timely read for me! God bless.