Monday 6 February 2023

Immiseration, disease, disability and death are only means to an end for the evil rulers of this world

The non-Christian dissenters reliably get their basic conspiracy theory wrong, by imputing the wrong motivation to the globalist totalitarian rulers. 

The secular thinkers believe that They want to immiserate the masses, cause vast swathes of diseases and disabilities, and reduce the world population down to less than 10% of its current levels. 

The secular conspiracy thinkers believe that the Establishment seek power and wealth, in order to live lives of perverted pleasure by exploiting everybody and everything else...

All of this is true - but these are not the ultimate goal of the ruling conspiracy; merely a means to the end of damnation

Think about it: if They primarily wanted to destroy living and life, then They would just have gone ahead and done it already. 

After all They command vast destructive power, in innumerable potential modalities - far too many to be stopped, and it is trivially easy to harm human beings en masse if that is your major goal. 

But; although there are plenty of mid-level operatives who desire nothing more than to wreak terror, torment, and termination upon their 'fellow' Men; this is not the overarching goal of those in ultimate command of the ruling Establishment. 

The ultimate rulers are either demons or those humans who are utterly in thrall to the demonic agenda; and the demonic agenda is the damnation of souls, and Not the destruction of bodies and minds. 

Of course, the demonic very much want destruction of all kinds; but only when it leads to Men choosing damnation; and in-a-nutshell this means persuading the masses to consent-to and desire their own immiseration, disease, disability and death. 

That's what the vast apparatus of the mass (and social) media are all about, the take-over of officialdom and bureaucracy, the corruption of education... All of this is to try and ensure that the masses agree-to, and indeed ask-for, their own destruction. 

That is the basis of the vast Litmus Test strategies - the sexual revolution, birdemic-peck, CO2 global warming, antiracism and the Fire Nation war... Leftism/ atheism/ materialism in its most general sense. 

All of these are ways of making Men invite evil into their hearts, to invert true values, to desire their own destruction. 

The ideal scenario of is of the mass of human beings willing their own misery (as with lockdowns, social distancing, masking, antiracism, feminism etc.); asking-for their own disease (as with the peck, climate policies); and seeking their own deaths (as with the self-inflicted economic annihilation of The West from the birdemic, climate change, affirmative action; and now its wished-for military annihilation by world war). 

A topical example is the large numbers of the Western intellectual classes who - in the name of preventing an imaginary CO2-caused Climate Emergency - desire Men to cease reproducing; to live static lives of maximum hunger, poverty and slavery; and then die ASAP in order to cease consuming, breathing and metabolizing. 

This is not how Men naturally see things, but how demons see things. 

The bottom-line for demons (which, after all, are evil spirits, and do not have bodies) is not power or wealth; but instead the spiteful lust and sadism of inducing human souls to choose lives of fear and resentment, to die in despair and with hatred of God; to reject Jesus's gifts of salvation, resurrection and Heaven; and to choose Hellish damnation as their eternal situation. 

That is (more-or-less) what the conspiracy aims-at primarily and ultimately: spiritual, not physical, mass suicide

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