Wednesday 8 February 2023

Into the New Age - a summary of what did happen, and what should have happened

There was a great deal of speculation in The West of the late Twentieth Century concerning a New Age of consciousness that was approaching around the millennium. 

In a sense other that its advocates intended; this was in the event correct - and now the New Age is here, and we are now living in it.

Men here-and-now believe what they want to believe, but it is probably clearer to think of this in terms of Men choose the reality they inhabit

And it is the nature of Men's choices that determines the reality they inhabit. 

The characteristic is that in this New Age, Men choose their own reality

Everybody is doing it - whether they know it or not; but with differences. The differences lies in whether the chosen reality is true or false; and whether the choosing is conscious or unconscious, active or passive, inner or outer, personal or groupish. 

Most people have unconsciously absorbed an externally-devised false reality - and do so, apparently, in order to have a feeling of being members of a group. 

This choice is of the totalitarian-made and officially endorsed and imposed virtuality

Some accept and embrace this false reality as real - these are the mainstream leftist-materialists. 

Others choose some other non-mainstream but external, groupish and partly-fake reality; which is converged-with (although not - yet - fully absorbed-into) mainstream secular leftism: these are those who get their world view secondhand from churches, or other social institutions. 

In a world where all groups are (more, or less) participants in the totalitarian fake-world; the only way of choosing to believe and inhabit the real-and-true world is by choosing actively, consciously, for oneself - and from oneself.

And surely this is what God wants from us

Surely this is precisely what Jesus asks from us in the Fourth Gospel

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