Saturday 27 May 2023

Since we all already co-create our reality; which reality should we choose to co-create?

Things in the modern world, especially 'The West', are much-more wrong than most people (most Christians) realize - and wrong for fundamental (metaphysical) reasons. 

Modern Men already (and increasingly) participate in 'making' the realities they inhabit - they co-create reality

This has always been the case - but whereas it used to be unconscious, spontaneous, automatic - and therefore it seemed like reality was 'out there'; now our participation is increasingly conscious - that is, we choose the reality we inhabit. 

(This was shown, to my satisfaction, by Rudolf Steiner and Owen Barfield - and a similar perspective is well expounded by Stanley Messenger in the first 25 minutes of this lecture presentation: Virtual reality and the paranormal.) 

The evil consequences can be seen all around - but are mistakenly usually put-down to people rejecting 'reality' - in favour of believing subjective (or collective) delusions, illusions, wishful-thinking or whatever. 

But this analysis is (ultimately, at depth) a mistake - which is probably why it has no traction as a critique - because there is no objective reality that is 'free' from participation by consciousness, because all realities are (in a strong sense) chosen. 

Instead of asserting an objective versus subjective distinction of real versus false-virtual; we ought to replace 'reality' with 'divine creation' - and then evaluate our multiple, subjective realities as to whether or not our personal realities are harmonious-with, and seek the same goals as, divine creation. 

In other words; do we want to choose to become a committed member of divine creation; or to reject it and 'do' something else instead. 

1. We all co-create reality, and 

2. We all exert considerable conscious choice concerning the reality we co-create. 

3. Most people choose to participate in the mainstream reality propagated in a totalitarian fashion by government, mass media, major corporations and the major social systems (law, churches, health services, education, policing etc.). 

4. But this mainstream totalitarian system (which so many people choose to co-create and inhabit) is incoherent and unstable; and offers no meaning, no purpose, and no hope. 

5. Therefore, the apparently-'easy' option of joining yourself to the mainstream System; in practice (and increasingly) turns-out to be a PSYOPS: a continuously-destructive psychological manipulation that makes no sense, violates our instincts and intuitions alike, and results in a continually-dysphoric and increasingly-despairing mind-state. 

6. Yet all public discourse is, by-now, converged-onto the mainstream System - all sub-systems lead to the One Global System; all public groupings are densely interconnected-with, substantially controlled-by, The System -- Therefore the only alternatives to The System lie out-with The System - and are ignored, suppressed, denied, and attacked-by The System. 

How then can we discover alternatives... How discover the truth of divine creation?  

So, this is our situation - what confronts us. On the one hand, there is all the mainstream stuff, fed us by the mainstream (including churches); and on the other hand, the mainstream is evil, ineffective, misery-making, despair-inducing rubbish

Yet, if we want anything different-and-better; something which sustains (for instance) any or all of meaning purpose, life, consciousness, creativity, hope and love - then we will need to find-out about it for ourselves, using our own best judgment. 

And because we need to do this job in the face of almost universal opposition; therefore, our personal understanding of divine creation will need to be something we are really motivated to believe, some-thing we really believe! - something that we regard as really true, and also something we want to be true!

Only something as solid as this; will suffice in the face of such vast and pervasive opposition.  

The task therefore, should we choose to accept it, is to find-out each for our-selves about divine creation - from our experience, from sources we trust, from that kind of reasoning we regard as solid; confirmed by our deepest, strongest and most-enduring intuitions.

We need each to find-out about divine creation, and how we can live in harmony with it, and how - in our actual personal lives - we can seek its goals.  

And we need to find-out primarily with respect to our-own tough, enduring and inspiring satisfaction. 

Because anything less we will not be able to develop and grow; anything less will not suffice to resist, and to overcome in our hearts and minds the vast power and propaganda of the evil that is the mainstream, totalitarian, global System. 



Francis Berger said...

This is one of those posts that should be printed out and nailed to every door.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - But who would read it?! You and I agree on the importance of this matter - but, so far, not many others.