Tuesday 9 May 2023

The decline of the 'Western' Empire - this Philip K Dick world...

It is quite staggering to watch the purposive suicide of the Western Western global empire that has ruled for many generations; a change in the world that is greater than that of 1989-90 - and perhaps greater than any since the 1914-18 war (which I regard as including the Russian Revolution).  

What staggers me is that - apparently - hardly anybody in the Western Empire has even noticed this rapid collapse!

And nearly all of those who do notice; misinterpret, minimize, misunderstand to the point of inversion... 

The reason is familiar to those who have engaged with the dystopian totalitarian world of Philip K Dick, in which the very strength to control everything is a cause of self-destruction. 

To put matters simply; the Establishment leadership have developed a monolithic Western-global Mass Media which is integrated into The System of surveillance and governance, and to which the masses are addicted. Since the global coup of 2020; this mainstream Mass Media has become fully controlled in its major-issue content; and dissenting Mass sources have been blocked, demonized and crushed. 

As of Now, the masses know/ believe/ act-upon only that which is Establishment filtered, interpreted and disseminated. 

So when, as early last year, The System embarks on course of (supposedly) externally-directed 'sanctions' that (contrary to the expressed intent) had immediate and (objectively) catastrophic self-destructive, disempowering effects - this actuality was blocked, explained-away, and inverted by the Mass Media. 

The effects are unavoidable, will be catastrophic - but will not be noticed. Because unnoticed; therefore it will not be understood; therefore there is zero possibility of recognizing error and reversing a disastrous course.

In other words; it is precisely the totalitarian power of the Establishment (to control minds) that enables, and indeed doubles-down on, actively self-destructive policies; because knowledge of effects are now (because of totalitarianism) detached from their causes.

Note: The above analysis is merely materialistic, and (even worse!) implicitly assumes that the physical suicide of the West's socio-military-economic power is spiritually 'a bad thing' for the world. I am here merely trying to explain a mechanism by which an apparently all-powerful regime can - because of its power - destroy itself without even knowing it is doing so! 

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