Tuesday 9 May 2023

Why is destruction of Western nations the priority for the demonic powers of purposive evil?

Why is destruction of Western nations the priority for the demonic powers of purposive evil? It clearly is. 

The demonic powers are in control; the global Establishment leadership and multi-billionaire class are puppets, and the Western masses are controlled. And the West is being encouraged to destroy itself economically, financially, by mass immigration, political correctness, climate change and pseudo-environmentalism, birdemic-peck healthism. 

And now - the intention is - by gratuitously provoking and escalating a mega-killing war against the global South and East. 

But why are the non-Western nations apparently exempted from this imposed suicide cult. Because, since early 2022; the world has split, the West is increasingly isolated, and the rest-of-the-world is incrementally (week by week) stepping-off the Establishment-constructed down-escalator to deliberate auto-annihilation...

Exactly because the leadership class and Western masses are oblivious to the world-historical scale of unfolding events, and because they continue to ramp-up the self-destructive policies all-round; I feel sure that this prioritizing of Western nations for the chop is a deliberate demonic strategy - happening by intent.  

There are, no doubt, multiple factors at work - but behind it will be something simple, clear, comprehensible - and spiritual; that is being directed purposively-against The West. 

It is, we can infer, extremely important to supernatural evil - to those spiritual powers that seek Man's damnation - that the West be brought to abandon and turn-against Christianity and to embrace the value-inversions of secular-left-modernity

And the Western nations (their leaders and especially managerial/ intellectual classes) are not merely willing, but indeed actively keen, thus to fall in line with the demonic agenda. 

...With the exception (so far) of the Fire Nation; which is why it has become public enemy number one for the West. 

Of the other 'breakaway' nations of the East and South; I don't see any that threaten the eventual victory of the demonic perspective - they are non-Christian, they are developing in a convergent 'materialist' manner, they have not learned the lessons that the West failed to learn; and would be expected to fall-into the demonic clutches later if not sooner. 

So, I assume that the real (supernatural, demonic) strategists of the world are making the best (from their damnation-intending point of view) of the current situation; by using the breakaway of the East and South to concentrate their efforts on The West.

They can now accelerate the self-destroying policies in the West, with even less opposition than before February 2022 - including mobilizing majority Western support for morally-scapegoating all the Eastern-Southern nations who dissent from, or delay, aggressive and immediate implementation of The Agenda of Evil. 

Destruction of the West has always been the priority - now it can be achieved even faster and more completely.

The rest of the world can wait...


William Wright (WW) said...

I believe that some demons, at least those few, powerful ones who would be behind any type of strategic thinking or intent, also have some knowledge of prophecy. This knowledge, combined with a better understanding of true history than we have, is why they focus their efforts on The West.

Western nations - specifically North America and Europe - are the lands/ physical locations where Heaven and those who lived in and came from there once resided. The prophecies and promises that I am familiar with, at least, have those lands and people being restored once again (in actual physical and spiritual being) sometime in the future.

It is this restoration that the demons hope to prevent, I think, and that is why their focus has been and remains on those locations above anything else.

But knowing a prophecy is not the same thing as understanding it, and my feeling is that the demons have made some fairly significant mistakes and complete misses - fatal errors - based on incorrect assumptions that they may have only recently become more aware of.

The best analogy I can think of at the moment is the destruction of the Witch King at the hands of Eowyn and Merry. Just as his own knowledge but complete and utter misunderstanding of the prophecy regarding his destiny gave the Witch King a hubris that led him to a take actions that, ironically, led to his own downfall, I think the demons in our own age felt that they had things taken care of based on their own misunderstanding of events, only to now realize that this is perhaps not so.

The Eowyn scene, by the way, is one where the movies completely butchered the moment that Tolkien so perfectly captured in his story. He deftly describes the rapid devolution of the Witch King from hubris, to doubt, and then to rage after realizing there was very different way of understanding the prophecy that made him definitely not invincible and suddenly now facing a very real threat (the new interpretation voiced, no less, by one who apparently had no knowledge of the prophecy and thus no full recognition of the importance or impact of the words she was speaking).

I think this is where we are at with these demons and their minions. They are doubting, and perceive a threat but don't know exactly in what form it has or will come, and thus the significantly accelerated (spiritual) rage, despair, confusion, etc. in The West. Something has slipped, as Gorbag once observed, and they know it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WW - The Tolkien analogies are very well made!

I don't have any clear or conscious conceptualization of matters such as you describe in your first three paragraphs.

The best I can come up with, is that the peoples of these lands were supposed to develop in a certain broad direction from the time of the industrial revolution, a direction to do with consciousness and individual spiritual development, and that certain individuals such as Blake and Coleridge understood this. But instead, en masse, a very different, and demonically affiliated, direction was taken.

How this goes from here, I can't even imagine; but no doubt there is a shape to things.

William Wright (WW) said...

I think the failure of people who inhabited certain lands goes back much further in the past than the industrial revolution, but agree that there was an effort during that time to achieve certain things. Joseph Smith would have represented the culmination of this on the American continent in the form of trying to bring about the restoration of Zion on the earth, but as you say, that effort was brought to failure and a very different direction was chosen by people who should have known better.

Unfortunately, modern institutional Mormonism has gone very far away from more specific teachings on Zion and its restoration on the Earth, but it is the central concept and effort that Joseph Smith gave his life for.

Zion, or the New Jerusalem, is said will be built on the North American continent. Why there? I believe it is because that is where 'Heaven' used to reside, along with its inhabitants. They will be restored to the place where they once were, but were taken away long ago.

The old Jerusalem will be reestablished again in Europe. By Jerusalem, I think of something very different from the city that bears that name today. I think more specifically that this represents the restoration of fair Gondolin, and that this will be the new restored home and lands for the Noldor, who are also the original people known as the House of Israel.

As Turgon prophecied with his last words in the face of the demons who destroyed his city: "Great is the victory of the Noldoli!"

My understanding is the thing that slipped occurred in the time period immediately preceding and during the early stages of the global lockdowns - the lockdowns perhaps being a physical manifestation of the demons' desire, anxiety, and fury to stop the thing that had slipped. But they weren't successful in this, and so our hope still rests with that thing and the Good Hands that currently have charge over it.

How it all plays out, I can't fully imagine either.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WW - Thanks. I would, however, dissent from the idea that Christians are supposed to make a kind of Heaven on earth.

As I have said before, I have come to believe that the Second Coming (including the New Jerusalem) was not Jesus's teaching, and was something introduced later.


This reality we currently inhabit is intrinsically entropic - with its innate tendency towards change, decay and death. Heaven is a reality that is based on love, excluding of evil, hence purely creative.

Much of what is best about ourselves and this world will be resurrected in Heaven (as many of the beings that choose to follow Jesus to Heaven, and that which they love) - but I assume that this actual earth will continue to be subject to entropy, increasingly the abode of demons, and decline towards chaos.

William Wright (WW) said...


Yes, our assumptions I think differ quite greatly on the future of this earth. This earth, I believe, was created by Heavenly Beings, as families, and in harmony with Jesus' desires/ intent, to be their home.

I think it will be their home again, and the demons and evil beings who have for quite a long time claimed it as their own, will be dismissed to another place.

To say it in another way, 'salvation' is not just for Men, but for the earth as well. Meaning, that the decay, death, entropy, etc. that is now its reality, won't be its reality at some point in the future, and this salvation is well within the scope of Jesus' plan.

As part of this, I believe this earth will be restored to its own creative destiny, and it will be 'returned' to those individuals and families who took part in its initial creation. It will become the seed or spark for pure creation (as you call it) to once again fill the universe as beings now made free have no enemy left to hinder them.

The demons that currently inhabit this earth do so on limited time and have stepped into a trap that they can't escape from. Jesus taught those at Bountiful (in the Book of Mormon) that his wisdom was greater than the devil's cunning (which seems focused on the destruction of creation, including this earth), and I think events that will at some point transpire will make this clear.

So, I think we in general agree on the nature, as best we can describe or imagine it, of what the future looks like, but disagree on its place - with my view that the earth is a central and critical theater for the salvation that Jesus promises, and even more specifically, places on this earth will have important roles to play in this happening... and thus the demonic focus on those places.

William Wright (WW) said...

Also, I did have a chance to read the link you sent. I agree that that the understanding of what a second coming entailed, as captured by whomever wrote Luke and Matthew, was likely wrong, incomplete, and based on agendas and circumstances at the time of their writing. I don't have a high opinion of the bible to begin with, so my own belief wouldn't be based that.

Jesus did have some things to say on the matter to those at Bountiful, however, and prophets such as Ether had important insights which we have at least some information on, and I think those writings put a 'second coming' as something that is real, but under a different context or purpose ... less of someone returning to do something that hadn't quite been finished, but rather as one returning to enjoy the harvest and realization of what he has done, perhaps. His work and happiness is in the salvation of Men, which includes our earth as I posited in my other comment - I think maybe he would want to return to have joy in what he has brought about.

Using an imperfect analogy, I don't think you would need to view Jesus' return as a 'failure' to accomplish his mission, anymore than one would say a farmer failed to grow wheat between the time he left his field after planting it and returning to enjoy its harvest.

Some things Jesus accomplished were evident right away (i.e., the resurrection), and some things would take time to fully bear fruit (i.e., our ultimate salvation and the eradication of evil in our lives).

Bruce Charlton said...

@WW - My overall understanding is that the reason why Heaven was necessary, and Jesus's work necessary, is that this earthly realm is one in which creation contends with the primal chaos.

But here primal chaos still has the upper hand (i.e. what we know of as entropy); so that there is nothing eternal in this material realm, much creative energy must continually be expended in maintaining the presence of life in matter, and entropy will always induce change in matter.

Heaven was made possible by Jesus - Heaven (the pure state of divine creation) was not possible for our Heavenly parents to make, without the work of Jesus; through Jesus's enabling resurrection of all beings who choose to follow him. Earth is not (or need not be) lost, since the best of the Beings of earth, and of the living planet will go there - insofar as these choose to follow Jesus through resurrection to Heaven.

But everything depends on the individual choices of Beings - and what Heaven comes to include depends on those choices.

William Wright (WW) said...

Bruce -

I am not sure I understand your point. Are you saying that Heaven must be immaterial for entropy not to also influence it as it has earth?

If so, then we are very far apart, as I consider the resurrection as well as Heaven to be material and not to be merely 'spiritual' in nature. If not, and in your view Heaven is also material and inhabited by beings who are material, I am not sure why earth must be excluded for consideration as a future place or stake of Heaven and salvation must be had somewhere else.

In other words, why limit salvation to not also involve the healing of this world from its entropy if your idea of Heaven involves any sense of matter? In what form that healing takes is beyond my guess at this point, but it seems incoherent to me to dismiss the earth as at least a candidate for the location of a reunited Heaven if that Heaven has any grounding in some form of materiality.

Further, if beings did indeed participate in the creation of this earth for the purpose of their families inhabiting it, and it was subsequently marred and damaged through the work of evil, why could Jesus not include the healing of their creation and the realization of their desires as part of his work of salvation?

Bruce Charlton said...

@WW - "Are you saying that Heaven must be immaterial for entropy not to also influence it as it has earth?"

No. I am saying that resurrection is what enables the material to escape from 'entropy' - from that tendency towards death that otherwise afflicts the material; because divine creation works within the original chaos in which Beings existed but did not 'cooperate'.

The reason Jesus emphasized love as the basis of everything, is that it is love which underlies that cooperation of Beings which actually is creation.

Instead of Beings each 'doing their own thing' and going nowhere; the commitment to love is what enables (what actually is) Beings creation, being part of creation, working toward ever more creation (including procreation).

In essence; in this mortal earth, we can make a commitment to live by love - but this commitment cannot be complete or eternal because we have a divided nature due to the permeation of original chaos through this realm.

Resurrection entails a Being (especially a man or woman) being enabled to make a full and eternal commitment to live only by love, and to leave behind all that is not love, is not compatible with love (i.e. sin) - this is made possible by 'following' Jesus Christ, whose own life made this possible.

I think this 'following' is more literal than is usually assumed - I think there is a real sense in which Jesus personally leads each person who chooses salvation, through death to salvation; from this mixed world of life and death, love and chaos, creation and destruction - through to the resurrected world of purely life, love, creation.

William Wright (WW) said...

"No. I am saying that resurrection is what enables the material to escape from 'entropy' - from that tendency towards death that otherwise afflicts the material"

I agree with this statement in general, but then wonder why in your view the earth would be excluded from the benefits of the resurrection... why it also can't escape from entropy it is marred by as part of what Jesus did?

Enoch's conversation with God as captured in Moses 7 (link below) hints at some interesting things about the earth and its destiny. First, in this account, it is recognized as a living 'being', or at least viewed as such by Enoch - something capable of feeling joy, pain, and sorrow, and thus something one should be concerned about in its own struggle and suffering at the hands of evil. Second, after much concern and anxiety on its behalf, Enoch was promised that the earth would be given rest, be freed from the evil in and on it, and that Jesus would once again live on it for a time, along with all of those who have and will be saved.

What makes this earth so important that I don't think it can be discarded or left to demons and chaos? It is the work of Holy Beings who created it for the purpose of their children and families living on it in safety and happiness forever. It sprang out of their hearts and righteous desires - a creation and labor coming from the core of who they were, brought about from their love for each other and their families. Such a creation, in my view, will not be left to the demons, but will redeemed and freed from chaos, entropy, and death (i.e., given rest), just as God showed Enoch.

Moses 7 link (starting at v. 47 and continuing on to the end might get you into the most relevant part of the story):


Bruce Charlton said...

@WW - I did not make myself explicit enough.

I would say that 'the earth' is a Being (in some real sense alive, conscious, purposive) which can therefore accept Christ's offer of resurrection.

But this is a positive, opt-in choice for 'the earth', as for each of us. 'The earth' may not make that eternally committing choice.

And, escape from entropy and into eternal life is by resurrection.

In other words, the soul of 'the earth' would become eternally resurrected, but Not earth's physical 'body' - which will die, as will all our bodies.

William Wright (WW) said...

OK this helps, and we see the earth as the same thing, in this case.

I would not necessarily call the earth's own transformation a 'resurrection' as I view resurrection as something offered to Men, but it is of the same type or example, I guess, so its probably not a big deal to use that term.

I do think that a reuniting with a physical body is indeed part of resurrection. It seems that Jesus didn't just take up or fashion a new body whole cloth from nothing, but rather took up his mortal body, even though this same body was greatly changed in appearance and function, obviously. Although I am not sure I at least know enough of the process to state definitively if there isn't more to it (there likely is), he does seem to keep his marks of death to at least demonstrate to those at Bountiful that his resurrected being involved, in some form, his mortal body now being free of the entropy you write about.

Similarly, I think the earth's own 'quickening' (the term for it that Joseph used) may still involve its 'mortal' body, but now greatly changed, and thus one reason why I maintain that eternal life is still initially inherited here, on this very 'resurrected' earth. As to its own choice on that matter, I think the earth has always been willing to make the right choice - that this isn't really in question - as exhibited by what it does when Jesus or his messengers are found on it... the miracles they perform with matter I believe are instances where the fall and entropy are rolled back and the earth is responding to the voice and presence of its creators, which it always wishes to follow and bless. When Jesus 'gave' Moses the power over water, or Enoch the power over the earth, I think this more accurately describes God reminding these individuals of various powers they wielded long ago as Great Ones in earth's initial creation. The miracles they were able to perform were a function of creators and the earth/ matter once again working in harmony together.

Part of the earth's own death seems to involve 'fire'...a burning away of all that is evil. This is the trap, I believe, that the demons have stepped into. They have tied themselves to this earth, and as Jesus' parable of the tares, there will be no escape for them as they are left behind to be burned. The wheat or Jesus' people will be gathered and temporarily taken away from the earth to be saved from this burning. Consequently, the earth (again, in the story as I understand it) will be then for a moment, just as Jesus was in his own death, left utterly alone - its creators and children taken away for their own safety (led like calves of the stall), and only demons and evil left upon it. Then comes the fire, and evil is gone, but also at the cost of the earth's life, perhaps.

My current belief is that the earth has already chosen to willingly go through with this sacrifice, believing in the promise that it will be restored. An act of great faith on its own part. That restoration would happen as its creators return to its dead body after their absence, and once again work in harmony to create a New Earth, continuing the work they started long ago - one now free of death, entropy, and evil because the demons are no longer around to mar their work. I further imagine that this New Earth becomes the cradle or spark by which light and creation once again fill the universe, with no darkness or power capable of hindering it.

But again, this wouldn't all happen 'somewhere else'... it will happen right here.