Wednesday 21 June 2023

Is war "good for business"? Is that why it happens, now?

I am not a pacifist: sometimes war is better than the actual alternatives; but war needs a good reason. 

For a Christian, looting (killing, torture, rape etc.) is not a "good" reason, but an evil reason for war - or indeed for anything else. 

Those who claim that war is good for business are wrong (assuming 'business' means the real economy) - except in the trivial sense that anything may be "good for" some-body, in the short-term. 

War involves getting many of your best people killed, and making lots of stuff then destroying it. That's not good economics; and can only be made to look good (for a while) by fake accounting. 

Specific individuals and particular groups will nearly always benefit from war, by well-known means and in well known ways; and such people encourage starting wars, sustaining wars, and escalating wars. 

That is, of course, parasitic behaviour.

Any society that has been taken-over by war parasites, profiteers, pirates - those who lust for looting - and is run for their benefit - cannot last; and does not deserve to last. 

Such is bad enough, and may explain much of the evil of war through history; but here-and-now looters do not stand at the apex of the pyramid of power. 

Nowadays there are those who stand-behind the parasites and looters, who stand outside of nations, corporations and institutions; those who use the looters to achieve other objectives - and will discard the looters once the value has gone.

What do They want from war? 

The answer is: They want different things at different times. For many decades up to 2020; They (mostly) wanted a single global totalitarian system based on inverted-values - therefore the wars were limited and localized.

But now They want a global and un-limited war: a war of mass destruction. 

A war in which They will 'sacrifice' not only those who are inexpedient but also (and mainly) a war in which 'sacrifice' is the main point.  

Imagine a war in which the parasites, looters, profiteers, pirates inflicted so much damage, so quickly, that they killed themselves... 

That is the kind of war They want. That is the kind of war They are currently working to expand. 

It's a tough thing to sell! Indeed, They (being small in number, and depending on the labour of others) can only sell it by deception, concealment, and gross misrepresentation of reality. 

But that is exactly what we now have, and to an advanced degree - at least in The West: legacy of the 2020 global coup

The system of lies, distortions and exclusions that constitutes the entirety of government, official, legal,  mass media and corporate/ institutional discourse is (not by accident) The Perfect Vehicle for getting the ruling classes to destroy themselves (as well as everybody else) in a world-wide total-war.   

Enough changes upstream can be made to have inevitably destructive, and multiplicative, consequences downstream - such that the destruction will be unstoppable once it is triggered. 

And - because the institutional rulers swim (every hour of every day) in an ocean of untruthfulness, manipulation and inverted-values - the world leadership class are oblivious and will never understand what they have done...

Because they have embraced the inverted-values of global totalitarianism; the leadership class will never realize what has been done with-them and to-them - never acknowledge their own complicity in great evil.  

As the world goes down into chaos; the leadership class (and their managerial-intellectual minions, and many of the manipulated-masses) will blame Good for the consequences of their own evil, and will thereby unrepentantly damn themselves...

Which is exactly what They most want...

Because (you guessed it!) They are (Of Course) the demons. 


Epimetheus said...

The people who make these decisions don't need "business" or income. They can just print off more money if they need it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - "can just print off more money "

Yes indeed - they can, and they do. Inflation = government printing money to get an ever-greater share of an ever-shrinking economy. It's essentially state-practiced gold or silver coin-clipping.

Epimetheus said...

When you read mainstream justifications for deliberately-induced inflation ie. stabbing a hole in the bottom of the average citizen's bank account to let the value drain out, you are looking into the face of Satan. The time of people's lives being siphoned out - the one irreplaceable thing on Earth - so that they buy things they don't need with money they shouldn't spend. It's so bad, I don't even like to bring it up.

Mike Bryant said...

The Romans did the same thing with the denarius the main silver coin of the empire it went from a high purity silver coin at the start to a virtually worthless bronze coin by the collapse of the empire, this took hundreds of years what we are seeing now is happening at a more rapid pace being achieved with the press of a button.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mike - Yes, and with (apparently) zero resistance in the mainstream - but indeed the exact opposite; urging ever more, and more rapid, corruption of the currency.

I realized in 2008, that 'economists' are merely bureaucrats who rationalize what the dominant leadership class want to do. This function became evident with JM Keynes, who applied his extreme intelligence and near-zero moral virtue to the problem of justifying unlimited state power - including inflation.

Until around the millennium there was some degree of published dissent within the subject, but as soon as the chips were down; they all sold out like the Hollow Men/ Men without chests that professional economists invariably are.

As with real science, real economics is now the domain of the amateur.

Howard Ramsey Sutherland said...

Well stated! Meet Jeremy Hunt, China's man in Whitehall...