Friday 4 August 2023

Do They (the Global Establishment) possess secret advanced technology?

I have noticed that there are a lot of people who believe that They possess secret advanced technology (e.g. ultra-advanced aircraft and weaponry; but also 'free' energy, space travel, time travel). 

These are, overall, the same group of people who regard AI as being actually artificial intelligence, as having massively advanced recently, and as now poised to take-over from humans because it is better than humans. 

I don't! I believe that real science is dead, major geniuses are essentially extinct, the international bureaucracy has partly caused but massively exacerbated both of these problems; and the overall capability of mankind has therefore been declining for some decades. 

I believe that AI is not intelligent At All, and takes over from humans because this is in line with the demonic agenda and expedient from the managerial class; and takes over despite its gross functional inferiority.   

I have also noticed that those who 'believe-in' ultra-advanced technology and AI capability; also tend to believe that this world (and maybe ourselves) is some kind of simulation, a Matrix-like world of energetic projections and images - or something.

I don't. I believe this mortal life and earthly world is absolutely real, albeit temporary; and functionally intended to be an intermediate phase between our pre-mortal life as spirits, and the possibility (if we choose it) of eternal resurrected life.  

We seem to have two different metaphysical systems here; that is, different fundamental assumptions regarding the nature of reality. 

Both can't be right; but the distinction cannot be established by 'evidence' because there is no agreement of what constitutes 'evidence'. Nor can scientific (or other) theories help us; because the truth of such theories is what is at issue.  

As so often; by the normal methods of argument, we are compelled either to ignore the problem, or else address it via useless rhetorical clashes. 

The valid alternative is to expose to awareness our own fundamental but unexamined metaphysical assumptions - and then evaluate with the deepest possible intuition whether we really-do believe these once tacit assumptions; and whether indeed we want to believe them!

(I have written previously on the specific subjects referenced above - if you want to know what I think more exactly; then you might do relevant-word searches using the search-box in the top left-hand corner of this page.)

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