Wednesday 30 August 2023

Why is the Western leadership class incapable not only of leadership - but even of reasoning?

It is very striking that the leaders of Western nations and major institutions and corporations are - in the first place - just not actual leaders: they are not capable of leadership, but are instead just over-promoted middle managers, or else selfish psychopaths. 

That has been the situation for several decades: real leaders are not sought, and indeed actively excluded from leadership. 

Perhaps more recently (and most obviously in the USA) the current "leaders" of nations and institutions are becoming cognitively incapable: they cannot reason, and therefore cannot make even simple inferences, or learn simple lessons from experience. 

One top of a generation of appointing followers (or front-men, empty suits) as pseudo-leaders; this more recent deliberate and strategic selection of mentally deficient leaders is conclusive evidence (for those who still need it) that the official leaders are Not Leading At All; but are following orders. 

Yet following orders is not enough anymore; the newer generation of pseudo-leaders must in addition Not be able to understand the relationship between decisions and consequences; they must Fail to learn from observing repeated cause and effect associations. 

Why has this suddenly become necessary? Why is mere managerial obedience to the evil agenda no longer sufficient? 

The reason is that - at the highest most-strategic level of the real world-leadership - i.e. the senior demonic - the plan has changed from the imposition of a bureaucratic-totalitarian global System (which reached its peak in the worldwide coup of early 2020); to the current increasingly "Sorathic" agenda of destruction: destruction of people, animals, plants and the planet (justified via the inversion of all true-values). 

This spiteful agenda has been smashing the world economy, finance and trade; it has started and is escalating WWIII; turned environmentalism against itself; exploded the sexual revolution; imposed the birdemic-peck; and is incrementally ratcheting-through the societally fissile effects of the current diversity-woke stuff. 

In other words; the senior real-leaders are making their servants do the opposite of what they were supposed (even just a few years ago) to be aiming-at. 

Given such dissonance; even the most servile managerial drone would, eventually, be able to work-out that he was being used to destroy himself and everything he valued...

This is a danger to the fulfilment of the top-level evil strategy for earth. 

A servile managerial drone might work-things-out... Unless, that is, he was so deeply defective in reasoning capacity that he was incapable of noticing that almost everything he did, actually had the inverse outcome from its supposed intention. 

And that is exactly what we now have: a Western leadership class who don't even notice that what happens as a result of their policies is the opposite of what these policies are supposed to achieve

Get this: They don't even notice! 

In a nutshell: it is necessary that current leaders operate in a perpetual present-moment which they are constitutionally incapable of comprehending, because they cannot relate it either to the past or to the future. 

To be safe; it is now necessary that the Establishment-allocated official-leaders are unable to notice even the grossest and most immediate destructive consequences. 

Thus has functional-dementia and/or deranging intoxication (of various degrees, types and flavours) become a positive requirement and qualification for occupying senior "leadership" positions in the modern West. 



Charlie said...

Wow! This is a particularly great post!

Mia said...

But they have not merely found dummies lying around. These dummies have been in politics for decades, now suddenly thrust to the forefront. And the dummies in the general population mirror this from what I can tell. I've had wealthy, seemingly intelligent people tell me it's a waste of time to think through consequences because "no one can predict the future." Or autism and similar rates that the "smart" managers didn't notice and actively work to make worse through various vectors- this all happened earlier. So Sorathic evil has been in there directing quite a few things for quite some time. I suppose from the beginning!

Nico's Way said...

If you are right productive good people are the target for this evil hidden class you describe. It's convenient for you that this evil class are apparently also very stupid.

Their stupidity will lead them to fail in hurting the intended target, and as if by magic, it will be all the useless, weak and immoral who will either die or suffer to the point of being malleable slaves and withered empty drones.

If you are one of the good people, socio-biologically speaking (I don't mean helping drug addicts out at the local soup kitchen) you are going to be not only fine, you will be better because you will be rid of a lot of the human detritus.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JW - If the engineers of mass destruction succeed to any degree, then everybody in the world will be long-term adversely affected (in material terms). I don't see that 'good' people (by whatever definition of good) could significantly dodge the effects of the planned mass war, chaos, famine, and disease - on a billion-fold scale never before seen (because never before possible).

ChrisW said...

Very interesting. I've never been here so I haven't started looking at your other posts, but I've always thought that a large part of human thought has been trying to figure out how and why these people come into being. It's convenient to just blame the devil, and perhaps that's the correct answer, but at our level, we look for a more detailed explanation. How can most people want to do as much good as they see fit but these people just show up, and always wind up wealthy and powerful?

Mental illness? That makes sense, it's something that can be minimized but not permanently eliminated.

Bruce Charlton said...

Gettimothy has left a comment:

"This is a good thing.

"Modernism has pretended that God and the Devil are products of a pre-enlightenment era.

"Well, they are not. And God, in His mercy, will lead all to the truth no matter how much it may hurt them.

"Also, "The West" i.e. "Occupied Christendom" is not the only actor. Russia has superior industrial capacity, superior weapons, the Orthodox Faith , and a history of massive suffering during the last century...Isn't it interesting how the home of the Bolsheviks and Lenin is now the bastion of Christendom in the world?


"God bless.

"p.s. prediction: The Tzar will be the first King to return with the re-establishment of monarchy as the best form of government. Constantinople will be Constantinople.
Christendom will expand."


I don't suppose we disagree; but we need to bear in mind that it is *not* A Good Thing that the most sadistic of demons are ruling most of the world's most powerful nations! Yes, if people awaken to the nature and reality evil and reject it, take the side of God and creation, and embrace Jesus's offer of salvation and resurrection - this is the basis of much better than we have.

And you are right to emphasize that this is a *spiritual* war primarily. In terms of material things, this mortal life is not enough, everything changes/ declines/ corrupts, and we will all die. If whatever happens brings this to consciousness, and if people then choose right, then that is what matters most - but the future hinges on that multitude of individual human choices.

Destiny is what God *wants* for us, not what *will* happen.

kurt9 said...

This and your previous postings about "Sorathic" evil implies that despair is a sin, which that it the precise emotion "Sorathic" evil seeks to make people feel. Does this also imply that to feel rage at the "Sorathic" people is a justifiable emotional response to them as well as a psychological method to keep one's head high?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Kurt - If you are asking whether rage is a sin, no it isn't.

But resentment is a sin, and too often resentment is what people are actually living, when they claim righteous anger.

Of course, the Sorathic evil people 'in charge' of the institutions are vile, corrupt, sadistic, hedonistic etc; but we do need to bear in mind that they are functionally (willing) tools, and not real leaders.

kurt9 said...

I think the reason why resentment is a sin is because its rooted in envy. Envy is the basis of resentment.

Bruce Charlton said...

@kurt - I had often heard it called "envy"; but, speaking for myself, I never understood it until I understood it as "resentment". The accusation that mainstream modern socialism/ feminism/ antiracism was based on envy never seemed accurate; but resentment... yes that rings true.

Howard Ramsey Sutherland said...

Envy: I want what you have, whether or not I deserve it.
Resentment: I want you not to have what you have, whether or not you deserve it.