Thursday 3 August 2023

The Total Lie

In the past; it was necessary to seed overall-lies with specific-truths - indeed, the most effective forms of dishonesty were mostly-correct, but with a few key falsehoods that made all the difference. 

But when basic assumptions are false, there is no limit to the scale of dishonesty; and nowadays assumptions are false - so we have a situation of unlimited dishonesty: the Total Lie

Examples abound!

The birdemic is best understood as a Total Lie. From bottom to top, in terms of its 'facts' and their interpretation - it was essentially a complete falsehood.

CO2 Climate Change/ Emergency-Global-boiling is another such. It is based upon false observations, manufactured theories, nonsensical inferences - to make-up a tapestry of such utter nonsense that one stands awed and aghast. 

The Fire Nation war... It is clear that the 'understanding' of nearly everybody in The West is utterly-made up, a virtual war, completely disconnected from reality. 

The antiracism agenda, the feminist agenda, the whole diversity/ equality/ inclusion/ equity business... Where can one even begin to discuss such a tissue of malignant drivel?  

It seems that the combination of a totalitarian and multinational tyranny - with all significant governments, institutions/ organizations and corporations linked-bureaucratically; and with a vast and growing mass-social media - leeching attention, controlling and coordinating human minds; has led to a virtuality - a Total Lie which most people inhabit most of the time; rooted in cycles and elaborations of false assumptions, fake fakes, and incoherent concepts. 

Corrective feedback no longer happens; since common sense based upon personal experience and observation is is regarded as a kind of evil, and crushed into non-existence by wrap-round consensus from the totalitarian-media complex. 

Ultimately; the Total Lie has become possible because - officially, top-down, and by the assumptions of all institutions - there is no coherence to be had in reality

Reality is solidly-regarded as nothing-but a mixture of randomness and blind determinism. 'Truth' can thus only be arbitrary and imposed. 

Ultimately; people have allowed to be built, supported, then walled-themselves-into, a world of Total Lies; by their rejection of God and the spirit.

When there is nothing-but The System, then The System is everything and (of course!) defines "reality".

So, when it is expedient for those who stand out-with and manipulate The System, to lie about everything, then a condition of Total Lie will become the permanent dwelling place of the masses.



Trent Appleman said...

One certainly acknowledges the spiritual component of this period in human history, in its various aspects; for every thing in the natural, material world without exception is a correspondence of a spiritual counterpart which it fits like a glove.

But there is something everyone small and great should know about the natural component of this situation, specifically the reason why the decision was made to baldly lie about a so-called 'climate emergency'.

It must be noted that the interlocking of directorate which made the decision was not a single group's will; but rather a coincidence of perceived interests in the information management of the complex hydrocarbon or Energy Return on Investment situation in its relation to perceived overpopulation.

That is, the model of the carbon credit targets bell curve was designed to exactly mirror the Hubbert's Peak complex hydrocarbon bell curve because it was known that of necessity it MUST mirror the same. The 2020s and 2040s MUST be the same in both the fake carbon credits target bell curve and the real Hubbert's Peak bell curve.

This half truth has been so designed in order to convey the impression that world leaders have made an idealistic decision to mitigate a great emergency by deliberately reducing complex hydrocarbon usage according to a schedule. This half truth MUST be told to the people for the imperative reason that they cannot simply be left out of the loop that they will enjoy access to fewer and fewer complex hydrocarbons in their everyday lives.

It will be impressed upon them that they made this idealistic decision all together with the leaders of the world; this is because they MUST not think in terms of Hubbert's Peak. The Total Lie of a climate emergency fulfills the twin functions of mitigating hoarding of complex hydrocarbons by private actors and simultaneously militating against the incidence of civil disorder.

Hoarding and civil disorder MUST be militated against, and the lie and half-truth were employed to achieve that objective. For the slightest unnecessary hoarding and civil disorder may imperil the entire transition from the age of cheap, abundant hydrocarbons to the age of expensive scarce hydrocarbons.

This is why the lie was told; and similar reasoning underlies "cloaking" the term "peak oil" with the term "peak oil demand". Some lies are designed very carefully to achieve such objectives as these in relation to bottom lies; because the people are held to be unable to face the truth and highly likely to squirm around during the current restructuring. They are thus carefully distracted and kept in a bubble of irrelevancy and grotesquery, not bothering those presiding over the state of national and transnational emergency during the transitional period.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TA - I don't agree with your analysis of the climate lie. I think its motivations have several levels; the deepest being a very pure "Sorathic" destructive spite; and at a more superficial level the suitability of CO2/ Carbon to pursue an anti-human, anti-life, anti-consciousness control agenda.

There is a large class of people who make a living by believing... whatever those who pay them (and allocate status) happen to be saying today.

The unthinking and rootless managerial-intellectual drone class appear to believe the Total Lies with a fanatic intensity that covers the fact they don't really believe anything on any substantive grounds.

That list is not meant b=to be exhaustive, and no doubt there are some who probably believe what you are saying - but IMO what you say is really Not the kind of belief that would or could deeply motivate so many people in so many places across so many decades (especially when the major participants are so self0sh and short termist).

That kind of scale and timescale of strategy must come from non-human, i.e. demonic, sources.