Sunday 23 January 2011

The nonsense of 'enlightenment values'


How sick I am of hearing people say that they adhere to 'Enlightenment values'!

What nonsense!


What was the Enlightenment but a bunch of intellectuals (albeit, some being creative geniuses - for what that is worth) abstractly theorizing along the lines of: wouldn't it be pleasant and useful if...?


What was the Enlightenment but an extremely brief and unsustainable cultural transition between much more lasting cultural types?



Dirichlet said...

This is an interesting term, because most "Enlightenment" values have nothing to do with the Enlightenment, nor did have acceptance during that period.

But what are those so-called Enlightenment values? It seems to me that's just a synonymous for secular humanism.

Reminds me of "Judeo-Christian."

Brett Stevens said...


The values of the Enlightenment were (a) make polite and (b) deconstruction, specifically the idea that each human is a god in his or her own sphere.

Rationalism is a very fancy term for materialism and individualism glommed together into one potent virus.