Wednesday 26 January 2011

Why Liberalism/ PC is immune to reason and evidence - Seraphim Rose


From Nihilism by Eugene (Seraphim) Rose c 1962 

Italics were added.


"In the Liberal world-view, therefore - in its theology, its ethics, its politics, and in other areas we have not examined as well - truth has been weakened, softened, compromised; in all realms truth that was once absolute has become less certain, if not entirely "relative."


"Now it is possible - and this in fact amounts to a definition of the Liberal enterprise - to preserve for a time the fruits of a system and a truth of which one is uncertain or skeptical; but one can build nothing positive upon such uncertainty, nor upon the attempt to make it intellectually respectable in the various relativistic doctrines we have already examined.


"There is and can be no philosophical apology for Liberalism; its apologies, when not simply rhetorical, are emotional and pragmatic.


"But the most striking fact about the Liberal, to any relatively unbiased observer, is not so much the inadequacy of his doctrine as his own seeming oblivion to this inadequacy.

"This fact, which is understandably irritating to well-meaning critics of Liberalism, has only one plausible explanation. The Liberal is undisturbed even by fundamental deficiencies and contradictions in his own philosophy because his primary interest is elsewhere.

"If he is not concerned to found the political and social order upon Divine Truth, if he is indifferent to the reality of Heaven and Hell, if he conceives of God as a mere idea of a vague impersonal power, it is because he is more immediately interested in worldly ends, and because everything else is vague or abstract to him.


"The Liberal may be interested in culture, in learning, in business, or merely in comfort; but in every one of his pursuits the dimension of the absolute is simply absent.

"He is unable, or unwilling, to think in terms of ends, of ultimate things.

"The thirst for absolute truth has vanished; it has been swallowed up in worldliness. "


[Note: 'worldliness' means the hedonic perspective: the primary focus on human happiness and suffering in this world. It can be seen that almost-all modern Western people and institutions, including almost-all Christian denominations, are primarily (most-often exclusively) concerned with worldliness. Almost-all modern Western people and institutions are therefore Liberal - including almost-all of those who consider themselves to be Libertarian or Conservative.]  

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Brandon said...

The liberal, being female - regardless of being physical males or females- have no understanding of consequences of behavior, so "reasoning" with them or pointing out their blindness is a waste of time. It will always be a "yes, but" with them. They are emotional beings and do not respond to facts

Once Jezebel(liberalism/leftism)gains control in the country, all rules and policy are based on misplaced sympathy (emotion) and she will not stop until a counter idea which is strong domineering malehood gains control in the country through subterfuge = Islam.

Hence, Jezebel welcomes her own downfall by instituting rules and policy which bring said downfall into manifestation.