Tuesday 25 January 2011

Why not just go with the flow: embrace political correctness?


Since you can't do anything about it, why not just make the best of it?

Why not exploit the situation instead of moaning about it?

Do what is expedient - why not?


Why not make a successful career out of PC - like so many others?

Why not surrender your private mind to PC, in the same way as you have already surrendered your public behaviour?

By having any reservations at all, you are making yourself miserable - why not simply cast-aside those reservations?

Just say an inner yes to what you will, anyway, be forced to do...


In a world of pervasive and powerful PC, there is really only one positive reason for holding back and resisting in any way, shape or form - which is that embracing political correctness will shrink your soul.


If you do not believe in the soul, this reason will carry no force at all: so by your own calculations you are stupid to resist PC.

Or, if you believe the soul is inviolable, and that nothing you think or do can affect the soul: then also, by your own calculations, you are stupid to resist PC.

If you do not believe in natural law, and that breaking natural law harms the soul: then logically you should learn to love PC.


If you do not believe in the reality of transcendental good - then you might as well go with the flow, allow yourself to be re-programmed: to learn, by regular practice, to re-label lies as truth, ugliness as beauty, evil as virtue; until PC has entered into your heart and soul, as well as pouring into your ears and out-from your mouth.


Political correctness is nihilism; therefore it is not merely political: it is existential. 

To fight against political correctness is an existential act: a battle to preserve the eternal soul.  

But if you do not believe that political correctness will harm your eternal soul: then you would be well-advised to suck it up.

Why not?...



Gary said...

Why would we be seeing what we are seeing in the world if not for the fact that we are seriously lacking in spiritual clarity?

The world around us is mired in a degree of falsehood which should be impossible, but this is only because our own inner state is false enough to allow it.

And these three points here mentioned are fundamental to get right: the soul exists, it can be changed by thoughts and actions, and these changes eventually become eternal.

The insight of this post is that if you get any of these three wrong (singularly or as a group) you will become expedient, thus evil.

Metaphysics Uber alles.

Bruce Charlton said...

@G. This post became a part of my mini book Thought Prison, as part of the conclusion.