Friday 16 March 2012

A soul-less building versus a soul-destroying building


I currently work in a soul-less 1970s building:

But, this is not so bad - I previously worked in a 2000s soul-destroying building:

A building that actively sucks-out your soul is worse than a building which is a desert for the soul.


(My suspicion is that the above building has a dementor installed in the basement.)



Wurmbrand said...

Already in the mid-19th century John Mason Neale considered the effects on the soul of certain architectural conditions:

Bruce Charlton said...

@Dale - I suspect that the link between buildings and the soul was so obvious to our ancestors that hardly anyone ever thought it worthwhile to mention.

Of course, the evil drivers of modern architecture are perfectly aware of the soul-destroying effects of modern architecture, which is precisely why they build so much of it.

Micheal said...

Give it 40 years, and the soul-less, if still standing, will be soul-full.
The soul destroying however?